3.5mm earphone hole
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3.5mm earphone hole, is it advanced or backward?

3.5mm and type-c are completely 2 types of headphone interface, 3.5mm is the analog signal interface, type-c is a digital interface.

3.5mm earphone hole

To briefly explain the difference

There are 3 types of mutual substitution as follows.

1. Cell phone built-in DAC(Digital to analog converter) + ordinary 3.5mm headset

There are actually many uses for the 3.5mm earphone connector to be compatible with different peripheral audio devices.

The simplest, connected to a few ohms of headphone speakers, in this way, the phone’s built-in codec chip has a certain driving capacity, and the headphone speakers have a small load, so it can be driven directly.

If you want to drive the speakers and other devices, you can also connect the active speakers, because the active speakers have built-in amplifiers.

3.5mm earphone hole

2. Cell phone TYPE-C interface to 3.5mm interface converter, connect ordinary 3.5mm earphone

And type-c is a digital interface, the audio data stream from the USB link, so this type-c to 3.5mm converter, in fact, is a USB to the analog audio circuit.

In this way, the spare pins of the TYPE-C connector are simply borrowed and used for audio signal connection instead.

This conversion port is the lowest cost, there is no conversion circuit, a cheap, good quality interface will be able to.

3.5mm earphone hole

3. Phone and headset are both TYPE-C interfaces, the headset has a built-in DAC

In this way, it is obvious that the headset is longer at the TYPE-C connector, which has a chip inside. Some of them will also do in-line control.

3.5mm earphone hole

Why cancel 3.5mm interface?

1. Space considerations, because mobile phones are becoming smaller, thinner and smaller, and smaller in size, with more and more integrated functions, such as fingerprints, batteries, all the circuit boards occupy the structural space, while the diameter and length of the 3.5mm interface are no different from the standard decades ago, so they become the reduced objects.

In fact, in terms of cost, mobile phone manufacturers did not reduce the cost of 3.5mm connectors of several cents, nor did they reduce the cost of internal CODEC chips, because the external speaker and mic on the mobile phone need this CODEC at the same time.

2. Waterproof considerations.

3, the use of digital output in order to leave users with better post-stage sound quality play, because you can skip the DAC on the phone, some will toss people can use their own post-stage digital amplifier to get better sound quality.

3.5mm earphone hole

TYPE-C is not the best solution, Bluetooth headset is a perfect replacement for a wired solution

TYPE-C is not the best way now. The three reasons for canceling the 3.5mm interface actually exist for TYPE-C.

A further solution should be wireless, which includes Bluetooth transmission of audio and wireless charging…

Of course, if the sound quality requirement is very high, then the existing mobile phone is not a particularly good output source, and you can completely choose the scheme of professional digital player + Wired earphone, I think the sound quality of RMB100 wired earphones will not be worse than that of RMB1000 wireless earphones. With the extra budget, you can buy an output plan that is close to lossless.

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No, professional digital player + Wired earphone is advised.
It can be used to drive headphone speakers and connect active speakers with built-in amplifiers for other audio devices.