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Android advertising display and Multimedia display

The difference between Android advertising display and Multimedia display

Advertising display is a new generation of intelligent equipment. It is controlled by terminal software, network information transmission and multimedia terminal flash memory, forming a complete advertisement control system. It also promotes through pictures, texts, videos, plug-ins (climate, exchange rate, etc.) and other multimedia materials. Advertising display begin with the concept of advertising automation, so their interactivity gives them many public service functions, which can attract customers to read advertisements automatically.

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Commercial Display and Multimedia Advertising System

Commercial Display and Multimedia Advertising System

Multimedia advertising system of commercial display consists of server, network, and digital signage displays. The information of the server is sent to the player through the network (applicable to Wan/LAN/private network, including wireless network), then, combines audio and video, pictures, text and other information (including playing position and playing content, etc.), and transmits the audio and video input acceptable to commercial display such as LCD TV to form the playing of audio and video files, in this way, a set of links that can send all server information to terminals through the network is formed.

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Advertising android display 32 inch

SH3203AD Advertising android display 32 inch

Advertising android display 32 inch

✨Advertising android display 32 inch as strong ability of clolor restoration full HD screen
✔️Advertising android display 32 inch are android based
✔️interactive digital displays available in a range of sizing
✔️Widely used for bank, market, company, hospital, hotel, etc.

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Android tablet 27 inch pc monitor

SH2703AD Android tablet 27 inch pc monitor

Android tablet 27 inch pc monitor as displaying marketing messages and promotions including; branding, digital brochures, video playback, website, interactive flash presentation, product specifications and features.
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Shiningltd. was established in 2004. It is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, design, production, and sales of LCD digital signage.

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Our factory has a number of automated production lines, covering the entire production system from product design, sheet metal processing, and assembly of finished products, to meet production requirements of different scales and OEM/ODM OEM cooperation.
Our products have completely independent intellectual property rights, currently provide 7-100 inch LCD digital signage products, including infrared touch screen, multimedia LCD advertising display, touch screen display, and so on.
Shiningltd introduced the ISO9001:2008 quality management system. Passed the CCC, CE, UL, ROHS, ERP energy-saving certification, to provide customers with quality products.
Through the perfect marketing network and convenient after-sales system, Our products are widely used in education, energy, finance, advertising industry, medical and other fields.

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