Advantages of Dual screen digital signage

The Advantages of Dual screen digital signage: A Comprehensive Guide

Despite all the innovations in signage over the years, displays have traditionally remained focused on one direction. Even as digital signage solutions became common, most systems still only featured content on a single side. However, this is rapidly changing, with new technologies driving widespread interest in, and adoption of, Dual screen digital signage. So, what are the advantages of using Dual screen digital signage?

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The Advantage of Dual screen digital signage In Your Business

1. High cost performance

Advertisers need better cost-effective advertising to spread their products to a larger audience. Dual-screen vertical LCD advertising displays are a better choice. , the information is broadcast throughout the day, and the audience can watch it around the clock. According to different audiences, Dual screen digital signage can broadcast different programs and advertising content, making each period a prime time for advertising.

In addition, the two screens of the Dual screen digital signage can display different broadcast contents of the advertiser respectively, which is more advantageous than the traditional vertical advertising display.

2. Content Accessibility

The advertiser himself sets up the LCD advertising information release system. The audience does not need to increase personal investment and consumption costs but only needs to pay “attention” to resources. This is easy for the public to accept. It can be said that the popularization of LCD Digital Signage is an undertaking, that is also both profitable and socially beneficial.

Advantages of Dual screen digital signage

3. Wide audience

The huge mobile crowd is the greater advantage of the audience of LCD advertising all-in-one displays. This feature gives the Dual screen digital signage a broad living space, and there is no need to worry about the competition of traditional TV advertising. The application scope of the LCD advertising customization system can be extended to various systems such as urban buses, subways, taxis, and even railway trains. Has great potential commercial value.

4. Greater utilization of information

How to make existing information generate greater economic and social benefits and serve more audiences has always been a concern of the advertising industry. The use of information by traditional television media is far from achieving the desired effect. The new Dual screen digital signage can maximize the use of information and allow it to exert greater value.

5. Instant communication

Traditional TV has to be watched in a fixed place. This is a luxury for working people who live a fast-paced life. The emergence of Dual screen digital signage is more flexible, allowing people to obtain more updated information, which greatly meets people’s information needs in a fast-paced society.

Advantages of Dual screen digital signage

6. Save Costs

Although making Dual screen digital signage requires more materials and work, they can save costs. Since double-sided advertising displays can display information in both directions, the number that needs to be installed is reduced by half. This reduces costs, and the advertising display takes up less space for the same crowd coverage.

7. Improve customer experience

Whether it is the catering industry or other industries, after installing Dual screen digital signage in the store, customers can see a more comprehensive product image through the double-sided advertising display.

Especially in the catering industry, after using Double sided lcd screen, the transaction volume in the store has increased significantly. This is because these advertisements look very vivid, and the use of double-sided advertising displays can also deepen the communication between customers and stores, making it easier to establish a brand image.

Advantages of Dual screen digital signage

What industries can Dual screen digital signage be used in?

1. Medical Industry

With the help of network LCD advertising display, map guidance, information, and other content services are provided to simplify the medical treatment process and help relieve patients’ anxiety.

2. Retail Chain Industry

Effectively enhance consumers’ shopping experience by releasing new shopping guides, products, and promotional information.

Advantages of Dual screen digital signage

3. Transportation Industry

Users can update and publish new timetables and other traffic information promptly. In addition, users can also watch advertisements to pass the time while waiting for the bus.

4. Education Industry

With the help of Dual screen digital signage, safety education videos are played in important activity areas of the school to strengthen safety education.

In conclusion

Dual screen digital signage plays an increasingly important role in today’s business environment, and digitalization has become the dominant factor driving modern business development. Therefore, the application prospects of Double sided lcd screen are very optimistic. It is expected to play an important role in business and help corporate publicity, marketing, and profitability.

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The dual-screen digital signage is a device that displays advertisements on both sides. It humanely uses modern advertising technology. It can convey advertising messages to consumers through video, graphics, and text on the display screen.

The biggest feature that distinguishes Double sided lcd screen from other advertising displays is that it can adopt an integrated double-sided design, signal synchronization, and signal asynchronous integration, and one-piece single-core and one-piece dual-core complementation.