Advantages of industrial embedded pc

Advantages of Industrial Embedded PC: Stable Performance & Enhanced Efficiency

Industrial embedded pc generally refers to a touch screen integrated machine used in industrial computers. It is a computer specially developed for industrial environments. Although its appearance is not as good as ordinary commercial panel PCs, its performance is more stable than commercial panel PCs. Industrial embedded pc have excellent performance, with the same performance as Commercial display. And it uses touch functions, which simplify work, are more convenient and efficient, and are more user-friendly.

Advantages of industrial embedded pc

Advantages of Industrial embedded pc

Efficient heat dissipation of aluminum alloy

The panel is made of aluminum alloy wire drawing, which is light and thin, good at heat dissipation, corrosion-resistant, and rust-resistant, effectively preventing scratches on the equipment screen during use.

Industrial-level IP65 waterproof

The front panel is IP65 waterproof, and the whole machine is IP65 waterproof and dustproof and can be customized according to customer needs. The industrial panel computer meets the requirements of industry standards to avoid water droplets/water vapor entering the host during the installation of control cabinets, affecting the operation of the equipment.

Advantages of industrial embedded pc

Efficient anti-electricity

It has good anti-electromagnetic interference ability and meets EMC anti-electromagnetic interference standards.

24-hour all-weather operation

It has a pure industrial motherboard and can respond to high-duration work environment application needs. It can easily cope with severe cold and heat, and run all day without failures.

Industrial-grade A-screen

It uses an industrial A-grade LED backlight high-definition LCD screen, with clearer picture quality and good human-machine exchange interface integration.

Advantages of industrial embedded pc


Industrial embedded pc are divided into wired cable models and wide-pressure wireless cable models. The wireless cable model uses surface mount technology for the internal memory of the motherboard.

Even in industrial environments with severe vibration, there is no need to worry about the looseness of the motherboard, which can ensure the normal use of the machine. The voltage of the wireless cable Industrial embedded pc can support 6-36V, fully adapting to more harsh environment application needs.

Advantages of industrial embedded pc

Rigorous testing

The various characteristics of the components such as voltage resistance/current/high temperature/humidity have higher requirements. The internal board and wire require an industrial design to prevent aging.

Each computer shipped has undergone 72h aging test, DC voltage stabilization and electronic load test, touch calibration test, etc., all of which are in accordance with QC standard management control and OQC shipping inspection system, and strictly implement product shipping standards.


Industrial embedded pc are the next big thing in industrial automation. They are changing the way industry works. Some believe the role of PLCs is diminishing and being taken over by computers. An industrial PC combines the versatility of a computer, with the embedded software necessary to run automation applications.

The power they provide is not less than these machines, but it is simple to use with features like touchscreen and networking capabilities. This is definitely a better option for the industry; investment in industrial PCs would be a long-term solution.

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Consumer PCs are intended to sit on a desk in an office and run for 8 hours a day – a fairly benign environment. Industrial PCs are designed to operate 24/7, in hot and remote locations, and continue running even if subject to heavy shocks or constant vibration.
The main different varieties of industrial computers are: Industrial PCs. Panel PCs. Tablets. Industrial display monitors.