Advertising display will be an important position in the future

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    Advertising display will be an important position in the future

    As we take a closer look at traditional advertising displays, it becomes clear that many of them have fallen behind the times. Some have even been neglected to the point where they no longer function properly – the screens are old and outdated, flashing at a very low rate that can be incredibly harsh on the eyes of consumers. Furthermore, many of these displays feature blurry, low-quality images that make it hard to discern what they’re advertising. The sound quality is also lacking, often sounding hoarse and difficult to understand. All of these factors combined make it no surprise that many consumers go out of their way to avoid these types of displays. It’s no secret that it’s time for a change in the world of advertising displays.

    Advertising display will be an important position in the future

    Under various reasons and demands, LCD advertising display was updated. The latest LCD advertising display uses full HD video. The advertisements released through LCD advertising display are vivid and charming. To a certain extent, consumers are just like watching TV at home, it is a kind of enjoyment both in vision and hearing, and this kind of enjoyment is absolutely comfortable. Therefore, LCD advertising display will play an important role in the field of HD advertising media in the future.

    Why floor standing advertising display is so popular in the market, the main reasons are:

    1. Flexible movement: You can put it wherever you want. If it is not fixed, it will increase the usability of the space.

    2. Playback diversity: any image, text, video, sound, and files in most formats can be played.

    3. Editable at any time: it can be operated directly on the local machine at any time or online. The content of the playlist can be set in advance and played automatically every day without being on duty.

    4. Rich effect: cut the picture at will, and play videos, pictures and words at the same time without interfering with each other, with rich colors and bright colors.

    Advertising display will be an important position in the future

    Convenience brought by the convenience of internet kiosk

    In fact, the most important function of internet kiosk is to show the content it wants to express to others, thus showing its main role of promotion and publicity. It means, when the internet kiosk shows its function, it is very important to attract people’s attention, so how can the internet kiosk attract their own attention? Let’s take a look at it now.

    There are many ways to attract people’s attention, such as playing some high-definition dynamic pictures, using eye-catching large screens, choosing good sight and so on. However, we must understand that if the content form of our internet kiosk can’t be changed in a variety of ways, the audience will still feel disgusted. As for the audience’s vision, we can understand that we like the new and dislike the old, so the most important thing for us now is to keep the picture in our advertising display fresh, this is also the most important aspect of the best improvement now.

    Internet kiosk, floor standing advertising display, due to its leading technical advantages, has become very popular in the advertising market in high-income fields such as hotels, supermarkets, buildings, etc. Using network equipment, users can realize centralized control, scheduled management and multimedia content transmission through Ethernet. In places where the wiring infrastructure does not meet the network connectivity, you can choose to use the WLAN function. When integrating TV functions into advertising applications, you can also choose to use TV tuner, which can bring high-definition audio and video experience to advertisers with HDMI.

    Advertising display will be an important position in the future

    1. Supports updating programs (videos, pictures, and text) on the Internet and downloading them to the local storage.

    2. Support automatic switch-on and off, and set working days.

    3. Support the display terminal to display by template, and independently play video programs, picture programs, text and other materials at the same time.

    4. Use the remote control or network to copy and delete the files stored in the box.

    5. Set the IP address, working time and working day of the box by remote control or through network.

    6. Supports time synchronization between the playback terminal and the server.

    7. Supports high-definition programs and H.264 format.

    8. Perfect regional classification of players, industry classification and owner classification management.

    9. Support the play box to play encrypted programs to prevent reactionary yellow and other programs from being illegally copied to the play box for playing. Only programs that have been verified and transmitted by our management system will be played.

    10. A perfect background management system can provide management for user operation, contract protection management, material statistics, log analysis, etc., and provide sufficient analysis of column charts and pie charts.

    Advertising display will be an important position in the future

    Extension Features:

    1. Network patrol allows maintenance personnel who go out for inspection to control the remote control to record the arrival time and report status. Supervise the attendance of maintenance personnel.

    2. Through the live broadcast server, media materials can be played synchronously to some or all of the player boxes.

    3. Able to control the playback advertising display and publish rolling subtitle information through the SMS platform.

    4. The internet kiosk has more perfect network terminal fault monitoring, which can automatically generate fault dispatch orders and send them to maintenance personnel.

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