After covid 19, 6 digital signage functions reflected in the “new normal”.

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    After covid19, we explored how the digital signage functions can help us return to the “new normal”. We are gradually reducing the alarm status and public places are reopening and resuming activities. However, the process is carried out under strict and necessary preventive and health measures. Everything shows that these measures will continue to exist in the medium or even long term, this is not a requirement of the regulatory authorities, but a requirement of the public itself.

    Faced with this situation, companies and organizations cooperating with the public have adjusted their adaptability. In many cases, the security personnel have been expanded, or some manual means have been applied (for example, will see the security personnel in the queue of the indicating personnel and temperature control inspection, etc.). However, in the long run, these manual solutions are ineffective and unsustainable. In most cases, digital signage technology will help to effectively automate the implementation and application of these measures. Some of these are:

    1. Safe distance of social interaction

    According to experts, keeping a minimum safe distance is the best preventive measure we can take. However, in some cases, we will unintentionally ignore this distance, for example, when we queue up to enter public places or take cash transactions. For this reason, some wifi tablet android with smart cameras can calculate the distance between the public and issue warnings when they are below the allowable distance range.

    2. Supervise the correct use of masks

    At present, security personnel are needed to supervise that all the public need to wear masks correctly when entering public places. If the access control display with facial recognition of camera is adopted, this supervision process can be automatically implemented, and issue a warning when the customer does not wear the mask correctly.

    3. Body Temperature control

    Fever is the most common symptom of our infection with covid-19 virus. Therefore, public places try to monitor the body temperature of the entered public from the beginning. Small digital thermometers held by security personnel have been used for this purpose, but there are more effective solutions. A Non-contact infrared body temperature access control display can measure temperature changes with high precision, and if it detects people with fever, it will make an autonomous alarm.

    4. Number control of personnel

    One of the keys to maintain the social distance of people in a closed space is to control the number of people. So far, this is done through manual statistics. The staff estimate the number of people in their places in their own visual way. However, what happens when there are multiple access channels in a closed space? For this reason, Android tablet pc with human counting can be placed in each entry channel. Then they can coordinate with each other and accurately calculate and control the number of personnel in the site.

    5. Appointment arrangement

    Implementing android tablet dating system in our place can not only help us maintain our monitoring capability and personnel distance control. It can also improve our customer experience so that they will know that they will be able to attend and help them save waiting time. Moreover, android tablet screen facing the outside of the site or the waiting area can help us to automatically manage the waiting time.

    6. The prominent role of digital signs

    In these weeks, public places have always needed to put up a large number of posters to inform the rules and prevention suggestions. In this case, the digital signage screen highlights its function, which can change the content of the information in real time. And these contents can be combined with information from other advertisements or agencies.

    As we have seen, there are many digital signage solutions that can help us complete prevention tasks. SHININGLTD, as digital signage solutions provider, believes that we can do more in this regard.

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