all in one computer in teaching

How to reflect the role of all in one computer in teaching?

How to reflect the role of all in one computer in teaching? - Table of contents:

Using the natural and real situation of the touch all in one computer, The teaching content is vividly displayed through the changing expression form between sound and images.

Students actively start learning new knowledge with strong curiosity and strong interest in learning, which effectively promotes the development of classroom teaching towards multi-information and high efficiency.

all in one computer in teaching

Of course, this new curriculum reform has brought unprecedented new requirements and challenges to teachers. How to meet the challenges with high-quality all-in-one computer teaching is a problem that every teacher needs to face.

Teaching advantages of all in one computer

1. AIO computer equals a multimedia classroom

More economical and economical. AIO computer integrates 9 functions including computer, monitor, TV set, audio, power amplifier, electronic whiteboard, teaching software, central control panel, etc., which is worth the price.

2. Ultra-high image quality

Curtains are redundant, sunlight is full. the resolution of 1024 × 768 is out of date, 1080p and 2K are the better choices.

all in one computer in teaching
The image definition of the all-in-one computer is 10 times that of the projector. Even in the sun, you can still enjoy clear and bright images, ending the “dark age” of drawing curtains in class.

3. Multi-function integration and interactive interconnection

Only need to bring a USB flash drive to let the teacher go to class more easily.
all in one computer in teaching

The all-in-one computer integrates 9 functions such as computer, monitor, TV set, stereo, power amplifier, electronic whiteboard, teaching software, center console, and so on. Teachers only need to bring a USB flash drive to class; human-Computer Interactive operation can make the communication between teachers and students more smooth.

4. Healthy, environmentally friendly, safe, and reliable.

all in one computer in teaching

Zero Radiation, zero flickers, low power consumption, and no noise are conducive to protecting eyes and health.

The LCD Display mode of the all-in-one computer avoids the teacher’s lecture in the environment of front projection, thus avoiding the harm of the projector’s strong light directly illuminating the eyes.

5. Electronic whiteboard, let teachers and students no longer “suffer from chalk dust”.

all in one computer in teaching

Nowadays, students all have a strong curiosity and very easy to accept new things, such as real sounds, dazzling colors, and pictures and texts, all of which can attract students’ attention.

The use of multimedia teaching all in one computer in the classroom can provide this kind of new-generation teaching method which is vivid, intuitive, and infectious, thus arousing students’ curiosity and good learning mentality, and making students interested in what they have learned.

At present, the interactive all-in-one computer has become an indispensable and important tool for teachers’ teaching and students’ learning in school classes in many cities in China.

The role of interactive function of all in one computer in teaching

1. Touch all in one computer can create situations and stimulate learning interest.

In traditional teaching, the teaching content is presented through the mode of adding a pink pen on the blackboard, and then through the dictation of teachers, which is both monotonous and dull.

However, multimedia teaching has changed the static presentation mode in traditional teaching. Through playing pictures, animations, and so on, students’ senses are directly impacted, thus stimulating students’ interest in learning.

Taking the force balance course of physics as an example, we can use video editing tools to cut a video of an acrobat walking steel wire, introduce it into courseware, and play the process of children playing tumbler at the same time.

all in one computer in teaching

In order to attract students’ attention and bring students into the problem situation: why can’t the actors on the steel wire fall down? Why does the tumbler stand up automatically after being pulled down? So as to solve the problem.

2. All in 1 computers can optimize experimental teaching and improve the efficiency and effect of experiments.

Experimental Teaching can train students in basic operation skills, and at the same time cultivate students’ observation ability, ability to analyze and solve problems.

For example, the observation of magnetic induction lines in physics courses, the reading of ammeter and voltmeter, and so on are improved through the demonstration and amplification of all-in-one computers.

all in one computer in teaching

For another example, when doing the convex lens imaging law experiment in a physics course, if the conventional instrument is used to demonstrate according to the traditional experimental method, due to the limitation of conventional experimental instrument and environment, as a result, students do not understand the characteristics of convex lens imaging and are confused.

all in one computer in teaching

At this time, if we use multimedia technology to simulate the imaging law of convex lens.

Demonstrate the whole experimental process of object distance from infinity to less than focal length, so as to understand the changes of object distance, image distance, and imaging.

The whole simulation experiment process is smooth, intuitive, so that students have a clear and complete understanding of the experiment, which is conducive to the formation of the concept of convex lens imaging law.

3. AIO computers can optimize teaching links and improve teaching quality.

In the teaching content, sometimes the key points and difficulties that need to be broken through in the class cannot be clearly explained or are difficult to be clearly explained by traditional teaching methods.

But in the multimedia teaching environment, through the transmission of information through animation, graphics, sound, and other ways, the complex and abstract textbook content is vividly and intuitively expressed, plus the teacher’s explanation, students will acquire knowledge more efficiently.

This not only optimizes the teaching link, makes it easier for students to understand and master, also improves the teaching quality, which is conducive to the breakthrough of important and difficult points in teaching.

all in one computer in teaching

For example, to explain the content of “The principle of non-stop rotation of motor” in a physics course, because it is abstract and difficult to understand, and students lack life experience related to the knowledge they have learned, if only the three diagrams in the textbook are used to explain, students can’t imagine its working process in their brains, so no matter how much analysis teachers do, it is difficult for students to understand.

The students are tired of learning and have no interest in it. The teachers are also very hard to teach. The class is lifeless and the teaching effect is not obvious.

When teaching this part of the content, if the working process of the motor is shown by multimedia animation, it will be very intuitive. Students are easy to accept and have a strong interest, and the effect is very good, but also laid a solid foundation for the later “generator” learning in the course.

All in one computer in teaching application should pay attention to the problems

1. The selection and design of Multimedia Courseware should pay attention to the characteristics of their respective disciplines and embody abstract thinking to the greatest extent.

2. Properly grasp the application opportunity, straighten out the relationship with traditional teaching, and avoid the abuse of Multimedia Courseware in class.

3. Teachers play a leading role in teaching activities, and Multimedia Courseware is only an auxiliary teaching aid.

4. Teachers should focus on designing, producing, and improving innovative demonstrations. so that all kinds of teaching equipment and corresponding modern teaching auxiliary means can give full play to their respective roles, so as to effectively improve the teaching quality.

all in one computer in teaching

In a word, using all in one computer for teaching is a great progress of teaching methods and needs to be vigorously promoted. However, the traditional teaching mode cannot be denied in use. Only when the two complements each other can the teaching reach a new level.

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