All in one screen improve effects of teaching

All in one screen improve 3 fundamental effects of teaching

All in one screen improve 3 fundamental effects of teaching - Table of contents:

The application of all in one screen makes the teaching means richer and will contribute to the improvement of teaching effectiveness.

The application of all in one pc screen in teaching marks a qualitative leap in teaching media.

All in one screen is the simulation of human brain thinking activities, is now the application of high technology in teaching, is a powerful assistant for teachers to teach, is the demonstration, the embodiment of intuitive teaching.

Today’s society requires teachers themselves to completely change their educational ideology: on the one hand, to change the past “test-based education” to the present “quality education”;

On the other hand, we should completely change the old-fashioned “cramming teaching method” and make full use of the all-in-one machine to stimulate students’ interest in learning.

To provide students with vivid and realistic learning situations, and to encourage students to receive stimulation from various organs such as eyes, ears, hands and brain at the same time.

It is conducive to the development of students’ thinking and the overall improvement of students’ quality.

All in one screen improve effects of teaching

First, use the all in one screen to create a teaching situation to stimulate students’ interest in learning and enhance their sense of participation.

Confucius said: “Those who know are better than those who are good, and those who are good are better than those who are happy”.

How to stimulate students’ interest in learning?

All in one pc touch screen can provide students with both colorful teaching information integrating graphics, text and sound quickly, and vivid, friendly and diversified interactive methods.

Its intuitive image has a unique role in creating situations, attracting students’ attention and stimulating their emotions, which is conducive to the entry of students’ emotions and their understanding of reasoning through the situation, and stimulates students’ desire for knowledge.

All in one pc touch screen can also produce excellent audio-visual effects.

Because the human visual and auditory senses are the main channels for receiving information, and the largest amount of information is obtained.

All in one screen facilitates information transfer and students’ acceptance and storage of information.

Its unique advantages produce a certain intensity of stimulation for students and attract their attention.

Traditional teaching media include teacher’s words, textbooks, board books, objects, models, wall charts, etc., all of which have certain limitations.

All in one screen can make students involuntarily focus all their attention, arouse students’ keen interest, stimulate students’ strong emotions, and obtain direct, vivid and image perceptual knowledge from it.

All in one screen improve effects of teaching

For example, when explaining the class of webpage creation, it is difficult to achieve the teaching goal by using traditional teaching methods. If we use the all-in-one machine to teach, we can mobilize students’ motivation well, because today’s students are interested in the Internet, and the teacher can click some entertainment websites to enter the subject and get to know the page, webpage and homepage.

Let students know that they have been exposed to the concepts related to web pages in general.

This concretizes abstract concepts, makes classroom teaching activities more in line with the characteristics of students’ hearts and the laws of cognition, and motivates students to actively acquire knowledge, learn to learn and improve their abilities in an enjoyable atmosphere at all times.

Second, the use of the visual demonstration of the all in one pc screen, easy to break through the important and difficult points of teaching.

The use of the all in one pc touch screen provides students with vivid, informative, intuitive, concrete, and infectious cognitive materials that allow them to see things in motion, developing, and changing.

The real feeling replaces the imagination, and the difficult problem needs no more talk, “a hundred hears are better than a hundred sees”.

Students fully perceive the original abstract teaching content through listening, viewing, evaluating and understanding, which adapts to the law of students’ understanding from concrete to abstract, thus ensuring the smooth implementation of teaching activities.

Students learn new knowledge in the classroom, digest and absorb it in the classroom, without having to make up for the loss in class, which reduces the burden of students’ learning and improves the efficiency of classroom teaching.

All in one screen improve effects of teaching

For example, we use the visual demonstration of the all in one pc screen when teaching students about graphic creation so that they can see some subtle color changes with their own eyes.

After the visual demonstration of the all in one screen, students were able to mentally recognize the fill tool, erase tool, and color channel, build their cognitive structure, and strengthen their impression of new knowledge.

At the same time, the teacher also broke through the important and difficult teaching points and accomplished the teaching objectives.

Third, the use of all in one pc touch screen-assisted teaching, easy to broaden students’ problem-solving ideas, adapt to students’ individual differences, focusing on the development of students’ thinking skills.

The all-in-one screen assists in teaching and learning and can create a multi-directional thinking and manipulation formation for students.

The teaching of all-in-one screen has the characteristics of lively and interesting sound and line, and the questions related to new knowledge often create conflicts between new knowledge and students’ inquisitive psychology, thus stimulating students’ strong desire to know.

Students will think actively in this context and will actively participate in the activities.

All in one screen improve effects of teaching

For example, given seven numbers 2, -3, -12, 9, 0, -56, 45. Write a program to find the positive numbers among them and count the number of positive numbers.

First let the students do it by themselves, because of the different personalities of students, so some students will come up with practice, some will come up with several practices, then the teacher will be prepared before the class to demonstrate a variety of practices one by one.

Each student will know what he or she thought of and what he or she did not think of by looking at it, and what he or she did not think of will pay attention to it, stimulating the students’ desire to know.

This teaching method, which combines the demonstration of the all in one pc touch screen and the hands-on operation of students, not only makes students’ multiple senses participate in learning, but also takes care of students’ individual differences, fully mobilizes their subjective initiative, and greatly cultivates their hands-on operation ability.

In short, the use of all-in-one pc screen teaching is particularly significant, conducive to the teaching of the material, targeted, so that students achieve an average degree of mastery of this section of knowledge, really achieve twice the effect with half the effort.

For teachers, it greatly reduces the working time, and for students, it is conducive to motivating students to learn and developing their thinking, operating and problem-solving skills.

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