We provide customized digital display solutions as a one-stop solution for developing Android LCD products from concept to production to maintenance. We will match your ideas with the actual finished products and bring your innovative customized Android LCD to the market.

Customised Digital Displays And Android LCD Solutions Can Include, But Are Not Limited To:

Firmware configuration

  • MS Windows, Android OS, Raspberry Pi OS
  • OS Ghosting
  • Firmware adaptable for specific markets
  • RS232/IP Control
  • CE / FCC Certification

Software optimization

  • Customer Software implementation
  • 4G or 5G connectivity
  • Corporate Splash Screens
  • Custom Bios Configuration
  • Digital Signage Hosting
  • Customised Digital Display and touchscreen monitor solutions

Housing design

  • Custom Cover Glass (link to custom touch)
  • Backlit Logo
  • LED Halo Addition
  • Wide input voltage (AC/DC)
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Steel, Aluminium, Zintec enclosures
  • Natural/Powder Coat / Anodize finish

Advantages of Android LCD which we provide...

  • Build For Long Term Use and Support:

Android LCD are designed and supported as durable commercial tablets. Digital display monitor are backed by an industry leading 1-year warranty. The external specifications and tooling are controlled to ensure a long product life, which is crucial for maintaining continuity for all phases of project roll-outs and services.

  • IPS Screen, Brighter, Faster, Sharper Display:

Compared to traditional liquid crystal, IPS screens respond to touch much quicker and display brighter, sharper and clearer images with the widest viewing angle.Your ad messages on the screen could be conveyed as you have expected.

  • Powerful Quad-Core Cortex A9, Best GPU:

Android LCD use the most advanced processors, currently RK3188/RK3288 Quad-core processor, which for graphic-rich apps with very low power consumption.

  • Elegant, Light, Durable, Modern, Professional:

Android LCD are designed with high-quality case, greatly improving scratch resistance.

Benefits of using Android LCD...

With Android LCD you get a dynamic communication network that is easy and simple to work with. Our solutions improve the customer experience, drive sales, enhance the store environment, strengthen the brand, and improve the availability and service level.

Wall mounted lcd touch screen display

Quad core android tablet touch pc

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