Android playbox based on RK3399

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    With the popularity of smart phones, ARM architecture has gradually become well known to the public. The ARM architecture with a simplified instruction set (RISC) is more suitable for use in product solutions with small size, low power consumption and single running thread requirements. More intuitively, most of the android playbox running the “Android” system on the market are based on ARM architecture.

    ARM-based embedded android playbox with simplified instruction sets often have more amazing performance in specific aspects such as playback capability and computing speed. In recent years, Shiningltd, which focuses on the intelligent retail industry, has grasped the trend of the industry and independently developed android player box with ARM architecture to meet the needs of embedded products in different commercial environments.

    Among them, the product design of SH3399-B open source android box is particularly outstanding in terms of function and performance. The compact metal body of 116mm * 107.4mm * 30mm, which is only the size of adult palm, is suitable for flexible deployment in various digital signage application scenarios.

    The core of SH3399-B open source android box comes from Rockchip, a well-known ARM chip manufacturer in China. In recent years, many core products launched by ruixinwei have become “hot models” in the hardware manufacturing industry “. RK3399, as the CPU with the highest performance and the most advanced technology applications in the RK33 series of Ruixin micro, has aroused widespread discussion once it is released: 28nm stable process technology; the design of large and small cores scientifically configures the operating power consumption and has better service life. Outstanding codec capability and multi-video signal output capability which is not common in ARM core. What is most noteworthy is that RK3399 has built-in embedded neural network processor (NPU) dedicated to artificial intelligence algorithm computing, which makes its single-precision floating-point computing capability up to 2.4TFlops, this value has exceeded the entry-level graphics card. In actual testing, it can even reach 3.0TFlops.

    The powerful CPU performance has brought more extensive capabilities for SH3399-B android player box. It should be known that hardware devices with dual-screen output capability are not common in ARM solutions. SH3399-B open source android box have an HDMI 2.0 interface and an HDMI 1.4 Interface. The two video output interfaces support 4K video and 2K video playback respectively. The embedded Mali-T860MP4 core display chip enables the codec capability of SH3399-B android player box to support the playback of most video materials on the market.

    In terms of communication, SH3399-B android player box can support the access of USB, network cable, WiFi wireless network (5GHz band) and 3G/4G cellular data network, ensure smooth transmission of video data in different environments. It is worth mentioning that one USB3.0 interface of SH3399-B open source android box supports OTG technology, which allows communication between different devices through USB interface (not through operating system transfer). A total of 1 x USB 3.0 (OTG),3 x USB 2.0,1 x LAN, and 1 x RS232 interfaces can be provided.

    In terms of expansion, SH3399-B android player box adopt dual-channel board-mounted memory with 4GB as standard; The board-mounted 32GB eMMC storage, allowing the expansion of storage space through TF cards; to support access to 3G/4G cellular data networks, SH3399-B android player box has reserved a set of MiniPCIe interfaces and SIM card slots for expanding 3G/4G modules. Generally speaking, it can meet the expanding needs in general occasions.

    With the increasing application of artificial intelligence, a well-trained artificial intelligence algorithm needs GPU or a matching dedicated board to play its maximum value. The built-in NPU is designed to meet the development trend of artificial intelligence and provide a dedicated computing platform for artificial intelligence algorithms. The design of RK3399 directly built-in NPU is considered a huge challenge, and the actual software running test proves that this challenge is successful. SH3399-B android player box run stably after built-in artificial intelligence face recognition algorithm. Therefore, SH3399-B open source android box are also one of the most suitable ARM players for artificial intelligence solutions.

    SH3399-B open source android box are ideal choices for digital signage player boxes under ARM architecture. Especially in the digital signage solutions that require high codec capability, dual-screen synchronous/asynchronous output, or artificial intelligence, it has outstanding advantages.

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