audio and video and people

What is the relationship between audio and video and people?

What is the relationship between audio and video and people? - Table of contents:

Audio and video capture objective and natural sounds and pictures as much as possible, and then input them into the human brain through eyes and ears to realize subjective presentation.

As the capture of nature by human beings, it can only approach reality infinitely, but cannot reach the 100% same as the reality. This is the limitation of human beings, and this is also the limitation of human beings using tools.

audio and video and people

At present, using top-level equipment to save the sounds and images in nature is a huge order of magnitude. For example, the complete details of collecting a piece of sound may reach a frequency of 5-100000Hz or even more, while the range that human ears can hear is 20-20000Hz, so when people make music in the recording studio, the rest frequency is omitted technically, and then the effect of 3-5MB size of a song can be achieved.

The smallest particle of the video is the pixel point. The camera takes a photo, and how to reflect the clarity of the picture is referred to this indicator. A 4K photo has a resolution of 3840x 2160, totaling 8294400 points; While a 2K photo has a resolution of 1920x 1080, totaling 2073600 points. So the definition of 4K is four times that of it.

Sound reflected in the data is the size of its frequency range; Images and videos reflected in the data are the sizes of its resolution. After people transform things native to nature into digital data, a series of subsequent operations such as encoding and decoding begins…

audio and video and people

People gain a piece of audio and video from nature. He not only wants to appreciate it locally, but also wants to share this piece of audio and video with relatives and friends in the distance. At this time, a problem of transmission is involved. The network is like a pipeline, and the data is like water. The biggest problem currently encountered is that the throughput is not large enough. 2G, 4G and 5G are solving this problem. The water flow is getting larger and larger, and the water flow speed is getting faster and faster… people all over the world are shooting and sharing their own audio and video in the pipeline of the network.

audio and video and people

Sometimes in some formal institutional meetings, the transmission of audio and video images may also need the characteristics of fast speed, low delay and high definition to ensure the normal communication of the participants. Therefore, the technology company has done technical processing in this process, making the data packets at the time of audio and video departure small enough to ensure the transmission speed in the network traffic. After reaching the destination, the data packets are restored to their original size, and the distortion in the process is also guaranteed. This is the encoding and decoding technology. It starts with encoding and ends with decoding.

The process of natural sound images, from generation to people’s sight and use, and then to the appearance of electronic digital products.

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