Bank self service kiosk

6 Benefits of bank self service kiosk

Integrating self service kiosks in banking establishments empowers customers to do more independently. With Bank self service kiosk solution customers can check balances, print bank statements or scan cheques quickly in store. As a result, banks are able to save on resources and ensure financial advisors are available to provide advice and support, maximizing efficiency.

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What is Bank self service kiosk?

As the name suggests, Bank self service kiosk is a device that enables customers to interact directly with a bank and utilize its services while offering remote consultation with a bank agent whenever needed – similar to ATMs and ITMs but performs non-cash transactions in a cost-effective manner.

Bank self service kiosk

Moreover, the Banking self service kiosk can be installed outside the bank’s branches in a smart self-service zone or in public places, allowing the bank to offer its complex services to customers 24/7.

The multifunction Banking self service kiosk can be customized to offer a variety of banking services, such as:

* Opening a new bank account
* Instant card issuance and printing
* Cheque deposit
* Instant cheque book or cheque leaf printing
* Account statement printing
* Applying for a loan
* Fund transfer

Banks can integrate a video calling feature within the Bank self service kiosk, allowing customers to connect with a remote agent and seek consultation on complex transactions without having to visit a branch. Customers can also use this feature to provide ID verification (KYC) for services such as opening a new account.

What are the Benefits of Bank self service kiosk?

Reduced Queues

Customers can be directed to Bank self service kiosk or financial advisers based on their needs, leading to reduced queues, an increased satisfaction rate, and better service.

Availability of Services 24/7

Kiosks installed in smart self-service zones are operational 24/7. Banks can install them outside their branches or in various public places such as malls, railway stations, and airports. This allows the bank to maximize its reach and cater to more customers.

Bank self service kiosk

Optimal Utilization of Human Resources

Bank self service kiosk can extend the banking working hours without extending the number of staff. When customers use financial service kiosks to carry out transactions, bankers can virtually support them, this facilitates serving more customers in different geographical locations with less staff and cost, while enabling better human resource utilization and HR management, and branch downsizing.

Reducing Cost per Transaction and Opex Costs

Banks can rely on self-service solutions to reduce their cost per transaction and operating costs. The lower maintenance and change request cost per kiosk enables about 40% lower in price than ATMs, Banks can utilize the cost-effective kiosks to build smaller, leaner branches with less staff, while serving more customers.

Bank self service kiosk

Flexibility to Deploy and Relocate the Bank self service kiosk

One of the added advantages of Bank self service kiosk is that they can be deployed in various areas without requiring a significant cost. Banks can also choose to relocate these kiosks to other areas to match their business strategy and capture areas where they have a higher footfall. This allows them to extend their reach, and improve profitability.

Remote Management of Bank self service kiosk

Bank self service kiosk can be configured remotely to make sure they are running properly. Banks do not have to deploy a team to configure these kiosks. Instead, they can upgrade them and fix bugs remotely. This can make these kiosks easier to manage. It also makes them more cost-effective and you can reduce management and maintenance costs.

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Customers can access customer service tools at kiosks connecting directly to the bank’s help desk. Banking self service kiosk offer MIS reporting, but ATMs don’t. Bank self service kiosk provide users access to Internet banking features to perform online transactions.