Benefits Of Bus Stop Information Kiosks
Elevate Your Public Transport Services and Ad Campaigns with Bus Stop Information Kiosks

The Comprehensive Guide:Benefits Of Bus Stop Information Kiosks

From office buildings to government facilities, data centers to hospitals, several premises could benefit from the addition of a bus stop information kiosk. Bus stop information kiosks not only protect people waiting for transport from the elements, but they also provide a variety of benefits regarding the efficiency of your public transport services. Transit advertising helps you take your message on the road and places your content in locations where it will garner thousands of viewers.

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What Is a Bus Stop Information Kiosk?

Bus stop information kiosk provides high-visibility ad space that occurs at eye level along busy streets. Like other forms of outdoor advertising, bus stop ads provide a high degree of exposure and give commuters something to look at while they’re waiting in traffic.

Characteristics of Bus Station Information Kiosk

1. Long life: The smart sunscreen uses high-quality materials and advanced production technology to ensure a long life of the product. Under normal use, its lifespan can reach 5-8 years, which greatly reduces the frequency of replacement and saves operating costs.

2. Low power consumption: The smart sunscreen adopts energy-saving technology, and its power consumption is only about half of that of ordinary displays. This means that bus stops using smart sunscreens can save a lot of electricity resources every day and contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction.

Benefits Of Bus Stop Information Kiosks

3. Energy saving and environmental protection: The smart sunscreen uses an LED light source, which is soft and non-glaring, helping to protect passengers’ eyes. At the same time, its low calorific value reduces the use of air conditioners and further reduces energy consumption. In addition, the smart sunscreen also has an automatic sensing function, which can automatically adjust the brightness according to the ambient light, further saving energy.

4. Safe and reliable: As an outdoor digital signage product, it was specially designed the bus station information booth in terms of waterproofing and dust-proofing to ensure the safety of its use. It also supports six major protective measures: lightning protection, anti-theft, anti-electric shock, anti-overload, and anti-high and low temperatures.

5. Support customization: Considering that bus station information kiosks have different usage habits of users in different countries or regions, it is with OEM/ODM customization services to ensure that all customer needs are met.

Benefits Of Bus Stop Information Kiosks

Advantages of Bus Station Information Kiosk

Improve passenger travel experience

Smart bus stations can provide real-time bus arrival time, vehicle operating routes, real-time vehicle location, and other information to help passengers understand the driving status of buses. Passengers can watch videos, read news, etc. while waiting for the bus, which enriches the waiting time and improves the travel experience.

Improve bus operation efficiency

Smart sunscreens can realize functions such as remote monitoring and data analysis, helping bus companies understand vehicle operating conditions, passenger flow, and other information in real-time, providing a basis for optimizing routes, adjusting transport capacity, and improving operational efficiency.

Benefits Of Bus Stop Information Kiosks

Enhance safety and security

Smart sunscreens have smart security, smart cleaning, smart lighting, etc., which can improve the safety and comfort of bus stops and ensure the safety of passengers. At the same time, its built-in camera can realize functions such as face recognition and behavior analysis, helping to prevent and combat criminal behavior.

Internet + data platform

Smart bus stations can realize data sharing and information exchange through the construction of an Internet + data platform. For example, through cooperation with urban traffic management departments, smart bus stations can obtain real-time data on urban traffic and provide passengers with more accurate information services.

Benefits Of Bus Stop Information Kiosks

Bring revenue

Ads are played 24 hours a day, which can continuously display the promotional information you publish to users and bring good revenue to merchants.


With the advancement of smart city construction, bus station information kiosks will be used in more cities. In the future, it will become an important part of urban public transportation, provide passengers with a more convenient and comfortable travel experience, and make greater contributions to urban energy conservation and emission reduction.

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When you think of out-of-home advertising (also known as OOH), you probably think of billboards. Consider bus shelter ads to be a marriage of billboards and public transportation. Because of their large size, bus shelter ads are similar to billboards when it comes to visual impact. The large panels are especially eye-catching, and their placement along heavily trafficked corridors ensures they will have a high viewership.
Bus stop advertising is an immensely popular and effective format for businesses looking to promote their products or services. Despite these advertisements being smaller than the sprawling promotions we see around our cities and roads, they do a wonderful job of demanding attention.