Benefits of cinema self service kiosk
Discover the convenience and efficiency of Cinema Self Service Kiosk. Explore this technology empowers users to access information, and services at convenience.

Unlocking the Benefits of Cinema Self Service Kiosk

As technology improves, movie owners find ways to attract and retain customers. This is where cinema self service kiosk and other forms of cutting-edge touchscreen technology come in to help cinema owners keep up with current and emerging trends in the movie industry.

If you are one of them, you should consider investing in cinema self service kiosk to upgrade your cinema. Below are the benefits of interactive digital signage in your cinema.

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What is cinema self service kiosk?

An interactive self-service kiosk is a hardware device integrated with special software and a user-friendly interface to display content allowing users to execute certain transactions. Notably, the critical characteristic of this technology is self-service. Users can access the product, information, or service they need anytime.

Clients can peruse your catalog online. Thus, they can place their orders, even for the products you don’t have in stock, enabling you to work on your inventory. Interactive self service kiosks are more effective and engaging than employees when you use them as information points. The touch screen can free up your employees’ time or assume their roles altogether.

Below are the benefits of interactive digital signage in your cinema.

1. Help reduce the Queue at Cinema

Usually, there are two separate queues at the cinema, one is for the tickets and the other is for the concessions. The cinema staff always struggle with moving both queues so that everyone can get into their seats before the movie/show begins. The cinema and theater industry is gradually growing with competition getting tougher day by day.

There are two main streams of income for a cinema one is the direct sale of tickets and the other is the concessions they sell at the theaters. In fact, in most cases, the concessions can earn more than the tickets. In case the queues are too long and people think they might not be able to reach the theater before the show starts, they will skip the refreshments which will result in a huge sales loss. However, if the queues are short and there are other channels to order the popcorn or anything else the customer will like, then the ticket size will increase and the cinema will be able to generate more revenue.

Benefits of cinema self service kiosk

In such scenarios, the cinema self service kiosk can help cinemas to improve customer flow which will eventually translate into more sales and revenue. The interactive self-service cinema kiosks provide an alternate channel for the customer to opt in from.

The multi-lingual user interface and the seamless operation allow more customers to purchase tickets or redeem their online purchased tickets from the kiosk with only a few taps on the screen. The secure payment methods allow quick transactions and improve customer flow. The customer service staff at the counter is always engaged in multiple activities hence the service delivery time is slightly higher and in some cases, it could get even higher. The queues and waiting lines also cause stress among the customers which leads to unexpected delays such as disputes or line jumpers or any such problem. That is also one of the main reasons the customer service staff at the counter take more time in service delivery compared to the interactive self-service cinema kiosk.

2. Increase Upselling

Every cinema and theater owner knows the concessions and other add-ons that they offer along with the movie ticket are extremely important. In fact, more revenue can be generated from these sales.

Cinema self service kiosk allows users to explore all available products along with the facility to instantly pay from the in-built POS and payment gateway features.

Furthermore, the interactive self-service cinema kiosk comes with a very efficient content management system software that allows businesses to execute various upselling campaigns.

Benefits of cinema self service kiosk

3. Improved Service Quality

The cinema self service kiosk come with in-built software tools which allow the management to offer several innovative features to facilitate the customer journey. The ability to combine the ticket purchase and the concessions in a single transaction not only makes the service delivery fast but also reduces the customer churn rate.

As most of the time, customers don’t purchase concessions and refreshments for fear of getting late for the show due to long waiting lines at the counters. The interactive self-service cinema kiosk also allows the customers to choose the most convenient method of payment and let them select their desired seat easily, which makes service faster and more accurate. When a user is inputting the data by themselves and selecting the items they want to purchase then there is no chance of mistakes or human error in their order.

Benefits of cinema self service kiosk

This also reduces the workload of the service staff and let them focus more on primary tasks which also increase the service quality for the customers who are still opting for the sales counters instead of cinema self service kiosk.

4. Reduce Cost and Increase Profitability

For any business, the primary goal is to minimize costs and expenses and maximize sales, revenue, and profits. That is not easy at all, however, with the help of cinema self service kiosk businesses can now have a quick boost in revenue and sales and they can also reduce some operational costs by reducing labor and by intelligently utilizing the available resources to maximize the operational efficiency.

Obviously, technology can’t completely replace humans. As there are certain customers who prefer to use an interactive self-service solution similarly there are customers who value human interaction more. However, cinema businesses can deploy 2 to 4 or even more interactive self-service cinema kiosks to digitalize a few of their counters. This will free up a few staff members, hence the business can reduce the staff as well.

Benefits of cinema self service kiosk
Moreover, it can also assign some of the free stuff to other important tasks to further improve the customer experience and overall operations.

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To buy tickets at cinema self service kiosk, all you need to do is to select the film that you want to attend, choose seats, and pay. Most cinema kiosks accept payment by card, but there are some in which you can also pay in cash.
Cinema self service kiosk allow customers to avoid waiting in long lines, and quickly get products and/or services.