Benefits of Dental Digital Signage

Benefits of Dental Digital Signage for Dental Offices | Improve Patient Experience

When a person comes to the dental office there’s always some health problem. Sitting in anticipation of a visit can seriously get on one’s nerves. А distressed client is usually an unhappy client. That’s why ensuring that your clinic’s patients have a top-notch service from start to finish is important. Dental Digital Signage can help your business win over clients and drastically cut waiting times. It is a technology that can take your clinic to the future ensuring that your clinic’s patients have top-notch service from start to finish is important.

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Like most businesses in the healthcare industry, dental practices face a lot of competition. For that reason, dental clinics must take advantage of the most effective technologies and marketing techniques to differentiate themselves from the crowd and outshine competitors. Ensuring that your clinic’s patients have a top-notch service from start to finish is important.

One of the ways to do this is opting for dental office digital signage – a technology that allows you to show content through the screens in your waiting rooms as well as anywhere on the premises of your clinic. And when you have such power, it’s much easier to make sure that the client is satisfied with the visit.

Why is Dental Digital Signage needed for Dental Clinics?

In busy, high-traffic environments, Dental Digital Signage is the perfect solution for sharing your practice’s information while improving your patient’s experience. Digital Signage for Dental Offices can be placed in waiting rooms and your check-in area.

Dental offices use all in one digital signage display to combine eye-catching videos and slides to create an engaging fun and memorable experience for their patients. Some dental clinics even use digital signage to spotlight their philanthropic efforts and promote community wellness programs.

While patients go to dental clinics for checkups and treatment, digital signage helps you elevate their experience level. Be it the latest tools and methods used at your clinic for treatments or a short biography on your clinic, digital signage offers numerous possibilities on how you want to use them.

Benefits of Dental Digital Signage

Digital Signage also assists in increasing their experience level saving on printing costs thus eliminating the time-consuming and redundant costs needed.

Some Ideas for Dental Digital Signage

1. Introduce Dentists and Staff

A lot of people perceive dentists as scary, uptight healthcare practitioners. But as a dentist, you know that’s far from the truth. Use your digital signage to change patients’ perceptions about you and your practice.

You can display profiles of your dentists and dental assistants, complete with friendly photos, job titles, and descriptions of their backgrounds, qualifications, or even hobbies. This will introduce and humanize your staff, helping reduce anxiety and fostering good relationships.

2. Announce Important Information or Reminders

As a necessary healthcare service, your dental practice needs to be able to relay important information and announcements to your patients quickly and effectively. You can use digital signage for that, providing notices and reminders that can help keep patients up to date on what’s happening in your clinic.

Benefits of Dental Digital Signage

This is a practical way to share information about your operating schedule, appointment information, any days when your clinic will be closed, etc. Digital signage works better at reaching more people compared to traditional signs, not to mention they make it easy to update or change content as needed.

3. Educate on Dental Health

While your patients are waiting for their turn to see the dentist, it’s a good time to provide them with valuable information about dental health and hygiene. Use your waiting room digital signage to display graphics or videos about brushing, flossing, and other common dental health practices.

Not only will this give them actionable tips they can do at home to keep their dental health in check, but you also give them something to watch while waiting, effectively reducing their perceived wait time.

Benefits of Dental Digital Signage

4. Queue management by Dental Digital Signage

Waiting for your turn in a dental clinic is already unpleasant, add it to the uncertainty of how much longer you have to wait, and it becomes an anxious and frustrating experience. For a patient, 10 minutes in the waiting room can feel like half an hour.

Digital signage is a powerful tool for queue management. By displaying live information about who’s next in line to see the dentist, patients are given real-time updates about how much longer they have to wait for their turn. This allows them to get ready beforehand, which also speeds up your clinic’s patient intake process.

5. Entertain Clients

One of the less attractive things about going to a dental clinic is the long wait before they can see a dentist. Sitting in a quiet waiting room alongside other patients and with no source of entertainment creates a recipe for anxiety.

Digital signage displaying entertaining content creates a welcome distraction for waiting patients. You can use it to broadcast TV programs, show engaging dental videos, or run a live stream. With something to keep their mind busy, digital signage can reduce a patient’s perceived wait time by over 35%.

Benefits of Dental Digital Signage

6. Special promotions and offers

The waiting room is a perfect place to introduce your clients to the special promotions and offers that your clinic is having. Roll ads using displays at the moments when people are looking. Highlight special propositions, upsell products, and promote your partners. Make the most of your mini-advertising network and earn money from it by selling ad space.

7. Show Social Proof

When looking for a good dentist, people often refer to feedback and recommendations from other patients. Positive reviews about your practice are social proof of the work that you do and how many people you’ve helped, reassuring your patients that they made the right choice to book an appointment at your clinic.

You can make your digital signage a social media wall, showing your Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare feeds and highlighting the best customer reviews about your dentists, staff, and treatments.

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Dental digital signage simply means the use of digital signage screens to display texts, videos, animation, or images. These digital screens enrich the patient’s knowledge by keeping them informed about vital things related to dentistry, educating them about dental health, and entertaining them in various ways.
Dental clinic digital signage can be used to educate visitors about dental hygiene, oral health care, recommended oral hygiene products and their correct usage, correct brushing techniques, and even short clips of dental procedures.