Benefits of Library Digital Signage

The Benefits of Library Digital Signage: Engage and Inform Your Users

Library digital signage is an excellent tool for engaging and informing your users. It can advertise community events, opening times, popular authors, weather updates… and well, pretty much anything else you want. From wayfinding signs to creative campaigns and interactive displays, there are plenty of exciting opportunities.

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If you’re getting going with library digital signage, with a digital signage platform, you can quickly and easily design, schedule, and display content for your library.

What Benefits Can Digital Signage Offer Libraries?

Let’s start with why private and public libraries need digitization. It’s all about changing and adapting for the modern day, transforming libraries into truly welcoming, productive, and community-driven spaces.

So much learning takes place online now. As a result, library digital signages are just as important as books, journals, magazines, and newspapers. To stay relevant, libraries are re-examining their inventories and the way they interact with patrons.

Digital signage lets library staff update announcements, event notices, and customer info in real-time. This means everyone stays informed and feels part of the library community, with updates provided as soon as changes take place.

Benefits of Library Digital Signage

Here are some advantages of using digital signage in schools:

  • Easily updated. Edit images and important information in a matter of minutes. What about highlighting newly arrived books or the latest library card advantages? Whatever it is, there’s no more printing and pulping outdated posters and leaflets.
  • Highly visible. You can place screens in one (or several) high-footfall areas of the library. With options for video, scrolling ticker picks from staff members, and slideshows, your signs will draw attention.
  • Modern and welcoming. Digital signage communicates that your library is a forward-looking research and study space. In addition, it says you genuinely care about improving and simplifying users’ overall experience.
  • Pre-scheduling is effortless. Digital signage lets you schedule information and announcements for specific days and times. There’s a double bonus here–making sure information is timely and relevant to your audience and letting you plan.
  • Monitoring remotely. If you need to make changes, you don’t have to search for every single flyer or the signs pinned up in remote corners of the building. Instead, you can create, edit, and update your library digital signage from a single laptop or computer.

What are the Uses of Library Digital Signage?

With a digital signage display, you can create an immersive and engaging library environment that adds to your patrons’ experience.

Here are some ideas on how to incorporate digital signage in your library.

Benefits of Library Digital Signage

Wayfinding digital signage

If you’re running a large university library (for instance), wayfinding interactive digital signage is essential for helping visitors navigate the library space and find the resources they need. This could point the way to meeting and breakout rooms, toilets, specific collections, or vital information in the event of an emergency.

Interactive games and quizzes

Make your library feel engaging and welcoming with games and quizzes. Could you encourage users to take part in competitions (with simple games like “finish the quote”), answer fun and thought-provoking questions, or submit book recommendations?

Café menus and specials.

If your library has a café or restaurant, why not promote their services with your digital signage? As well as pointing the way to cafés, you can also display seasonal promotions or just remind users that tea or coffee is nearby.

Benefits of Library Digital Signage

Provide book information

The library also has a wealth of information. However, for those new to the library (who often don’t know where to start), the sheer size of the library and the sheer number of books and shelves can be daunting enough. Many libraries are also struggling with financial aid information, which means they don’t have enough staff to handle every patron who comes into the library. If staff are busy helping other readers, digital signage can provide navigation services, directing people to the corresponding area to find the book they need.

Facilities and opening time announcements

Have your opening hours changed over Christmas? What about facilities, member services or certain areas closed for a special event? Instead of creating physical signs (which will only get thrown away shortly after), communicate these changes quickly and clearly with digital signage.

Emergency news and weather updates

Digital signage can also broadcast emergency information. If the fire alarm is turned off, digital signage can inform readers of a fire and direct people to the correct exit. If someone breaks into the campus in a university library and the school is about to go into full lockdown, digital signage can quickly spread the message.

Benefits of Library Digital Signage

If the school needs to be closed suddenly due to extreme weather conditions such as blizzards or hurricanes, digital signage can also notify students of relevant information. Content control systems should be flexible so staff can terminate normal events and communicate emergency information.

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Library digital signage plays an important role in helping draw the attention of customers (students and staff) to new books, special collection material, items that are under-circulated, and especially items that are important for reading and studying but often left unseen.
Digital signage will enable students to use the library both efficiently and effectively. Signs may be used to designate: Locations and Directions, and update Information.