Benefits of Workplace Digital Signage

Benefits of Workplace Digital Signage: Enhance Communication and Engagement

Workplace Digital Signage is becoming a standard element of the modern workplace. Not only is it used to show information to a specific target group, in the right place, at the right time, in the company’s corporate identity. But it can also be used to make your employees and visitors feel more welcome, engaged, and better informed. It is the easiest and fastest way to grab attention and send news or messages.

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In some workplaces, you will see some offices promote their new offerings or make their announcements through an on-loop video projected onto screens.

Digital signage is often used for product or brand advertisement, but it can also be an effective messaging tool to use inside a workplace.

Why Have Workplace Digital Signage?

1. Sculpt a brand

When an outsider walks into an office not knowing what to expect, the lobby offers the first peep into the company; its visuals and aura set their expectations from the business. The foyer represents employees’ first and last interaction with the office daily.

Organizations can exploit the dynamic nature of digital displays and video walls to exhibit the company’s philosophy, values, and culture. Digital displays in the lobby can showcase to the outside world the brand’s growth story, its myriad achievements, a glimpse into its array of products and services, and testimonials from stakeholders.

Benefits of Workplace Digital Signage

2. Great medium for announcements

Sending an email for an announcement is always the go-to method for most companies. While it is an easy way to reach a large group of people, it also has its downside. Email inboxes always fill up fast, especially for a busy company. The messages sent to an employee’s email can be lost, and people might not immediately see these important bulletin announcements.

With Workplace Digital Signage, you can ensure that anyone present can see the announcements you posted as soon as they arrive in the workplace. You can put the announcements on a loop to make sure no one misses out on the message.

3. Recognize and motivate

Digital signage can also be an interactive platform. For example, you are to congratulate an employee on a great performance or a promotion. You can post the greeting through any screen visible to all, and you have the option to sync the digital screen management software you used with your business social media accounts. With this feature, your employees can upload their congratulatory messages by using the official hashtags, and these posts can immediately be featured on the screen.

For a promoted employee, this new way of greeting could also be exciting. It gives an additional sense of pride to have their name and photo projected in all areas of the company. It is also a friendly and simple way to introduce a new hire to everyone. You can post their photos so that anyone immediately recognizes them and knows their name when they bump into them around the office.

Benefits of Workplace Digital Signage

4. Show the company goals

Setting goals and targets is a way to determine success. Those targets need to be shared with everyone in the company, so it is clear where the organization is heading. By digital signage to show the KPIs of the company, or even per department, you can easily motivate your team to aim for the sky and reach the company goals.

5. Help employees understand “How”, “What” and “Why”

To keep everyone within your organization up to date about what is going on within the company it is important to elaborate on the “How, What, and Why” of your business. Explain the mission and vision strategies as well as the core values via digital signage displays to get employees on the same page about the strategy of the company. Management can expose certain topics via short blogs or vlogs.

Share internally what you are working on externally. Show the trade fairs you attend, the commercials that are shown on TV, the advertisements that you can find in trade journals, the awards the company has won, the press releases that can be found, etc. Show posts that also appear on the Socials. This increases visibility and gets the story going. Colleagues get enthusiastic to share this information themselves as well.

Benefits of Workplace Digital Signage

6. Help visitors and employees find their way within the building

Sometimes it is hard to find your way through a big office when you are visiting a company or when you need to find a room at a location that you rarely visit. With interactive kiosk display you can easily find your way through the building to get to the location you need to be.
And when you are also using the Meeting Booking solutions you can present a visual overview of each floor via Mapping. Or show the occupancy data via the digital signage displays.

7. Make workplaces healthier

Most new-age businesses recognize their role in the health and well-being of employees. Not every company has the wherewithal to offer on-site health amenities like gyms, massage rooms, and meditation rooms. Workplace Digital Signage, however, has democratized, to a large extent, the ability of businesses to implement health and wellness programs at the workplace.

Using digital menu board solutions in office cafeterias has immense advantages. Providing a breakdown of nutrients in food options allows employees to choose healthier and sustainable diet options.

Benefits of Workplace Digital Signage

8. Advertise effectively

The versatility of Workplace Digital Signage platforms makes them a fertile ground for creativity and imagination. They are a marketer’s delight; their multimedia displays allow the deployment of rotating graphics, video advertisements, static advertisements, flashy animations, product demonstrations, and simple text-based calls to action.

Organizations can explore beyond just hosting promotions of in-house products, services, training sessions, conferences, and events.

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Digital signage can assist managers in communicating with such employees by positioning displays at highly trafficked points of the office to grab their attention while on the go. These high-traffic areas can include cafeterias, entryways, and reception areas.
Digital signage also helps to mitigate a variety of time-consuming jobs that have historically been the responsibility of employees. For instance, in the retail environment, digital signage can display loads of sales information that employees no longer have to spend time relaying to the customer.