Benefits of Bus Shelter Digital Signage

The Benefits of Bus Shelter Digital Signage for you

Bus shelter digital signage helps you take your message on the road and places your content in locations where it will garner thousands of viewers. Because bus shelters are located near dense hubs, like retail shopping centers and universities, Bus shelter digital signage can dramatically increase your brand’s visibility. If you’re looking to target commuters and viewers in desirable neighborhoods, consider putting your local Bus shelter digital signage to work for you.

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What Is Bus shelter digital signage?

Bus shelter advertising is a relatively self-explanatory concept. Also referred to as transit shelter ads, this describes promotional and marketing content that’s published on bus stops and stations nationwide, with a view to targeting commuters as they go about their daily business.

Typically, the most coveted bus shelters and spaces exist in busy and bustling high streets, particularly those in central locations that benefit from high levels of traffic.

The frequency of bus stops in bustling city locations continues to underpin the viability of Bus shelter digital signage, which enables brands to directly target and communicate to their ideal audience along heavily commuted roadways.

Bus shelter digital signage

The reasons why Bus shelter digital signage makes it onto so many media plans

1. Scale

Bus shelters offer great scalability. A relatively low cost of entry allows local organizations and SMEs access, while the national ubiquity perfectly suits large brands too.

2. They aren’t lazy

Urban areas never really sleep and neither do Bus shelter digital signage. The integral lighting keeps the ads highly visible (possibly even more so than during daylight hours) through the night. It’s safe to say that the ads never stop working.

Bus shelter digital signage

3. You can’t ignore them

Bus shelter digital signage can’t be ignored or switched off. They are an old-school interruptive marketing technique. That’s not to say the brand behind them shouldn’t seek to curry favor with the audience, but they don’t need to ask permission before delivering content.

4. They reach a captive audience

Although Bus shelter digital signage are visible enough to attract a passing audience, they are also obviously placed for a captive one too. For those actually waiting for a bus, a bus shelter advert can include far more info than many OOH ads can as a higher percentage of viewers are there for a longer period.

5. They’re almost magazine-like

Take a close look at Bus shelter digital signage and you’ll notice the high, magazine-like, production values. They are a quality format for any brand to be associated with.

Bus shelter digital signage

6. They’re a great campaigning tool

Bus shelter digital signage are a great local campaigning tool. They are on the ground and speak to a local audience – with the added benefit of being affordable enough to alter (and increase relevance) for different locations.

7. They reach lots of people

National campaigns have the potential to achieve very high levels of reach (the percentage of the population which sees an advert over a given period of time) via the national network of bus shelters, particularly given the low cost compared to other high-reach formats like TV.

8. They are uncluttered

They are, in the space of a standard, non-digital, bus shelter, exclusive (usually two ads at most share the space). A rarity in your average highly branded urban environment, your brand can ‘own’ the uncluttered space.

Bus shelter digital signage

9. They’re not stuck in the past

Although bus shelters are a traditional Outdoor Advertising Signage format, they aren’t stuck in the past. Digital bus shelters in fact are at the very forefront of emerging technology.

They are more personal than a billboard, are able to rely on a more captive audience, and as a result, offer more interaction between the digital screen and the smartphone-wielding audience. Measuring ad success is also set to be revolutionized as ‘proof of play’ elements become the norm.

So the next time that you’re waiting for a bus, don’t just think about keeping dry, take notice of the unsung hero that is the humble bus shelter.

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Bus advertising delivers clear messaging that centers around food, hospitality, fashion, upcoming events, listings, lifestyle branding, and many other areas. You see these brand messages wrapped around a bus, used in bus shelters, and inside the vehicle to give consumers a reason to look.
When you think of out-of-home advertising (also known as OOH), you probably think of billboards. Consider Bus shelter digital signage to be a marriage of billboards and public transportation. Because of their large size, bus shelter ads are similar to billboards when it comes to visual impact. The large panels are especially eye-catching, and their placement along heavily trafficked corridors ensures they will have high viewership.