Circular LED screen

Why Circular LED Screens are the next big thing in advertising?

Circular LED screen have become increasingly popular in recent years and for good reason. These innovative displays offer a number of advantages over traditional square or rectangular displays, including increased visibility and versatility.

In this article, let’s learn about Circular LED screen in detail.

Circular LED screen

What are Circular LED screen?

The Circular LED screen is a kind of LED special-shaped display screen customized to meet the display needs of the scene and the needs of customers. It can realize the playback of text, video, images, and animations.

It is mainly used in some public transportation fields, studios, In stage dances, hotels, and some commercial advertising scenes, it supports customization according to the size of the diameter, which can be used indoors and outdoors. Like conventional displays, there is a difference in pixel pitch. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the display density and the better the display effect. clearer.

Circular LED screen

Benefits of using circular LED screens:

If you want to take the benefits of these advanced technologies, it’s vital to know the benefits. So, here are the following benefits of Circular LED screen:

  • We can say that the circular led screen comes with double usage. Yes, you can easily use it as the new shopping signboard.
  • Moreover, the unique shapes help to get the instant attention of the passerby. As a result, it brings more business for the brands.
  • Many companies are introducing circular lights with advanced features. It comes with auto-brightness control lights.
Circular LED screen

We can say that Circular LED screens are another name of value and aesthetic. However, these fantastic features are widely used in museums, galleries, casinos, government plazas and hotels, and many other places. It is one of those widely spreading technologies due to its unique features, aesthetics, and style.

What are the tips for choosing a Circular LED screen?

If we compare LED displays with traditional advertisement methods, then it draws more attention. But you can’t make the buying decision without knowing anything about this advanced technology. So, let’s discuss the tricks and tips that will help to choose the circular LED screen.

Pay attention to size:

We have already discussed that a Circular LED screen consists of different specifications. Apart from this, there is a most astounding fact that you can customize the size and pixels of the screen. But while selecting the LED, pay attention to the extent. If the screen is heavy-sized, then it could fall due to slight movement. So, go for the lightweight display because it’s easy to carry.

Circular LED screen

Easy installation:

If you select a Circular LED screen that is thin and lightweight is easy to install. Moreover, don’t forget to customize the wall mounts because it provides support against strong winds. Apart from this, fix the power cable from the backside to easily connect with the socket.

Moreover, if you are planning to install it on the wall, then use the expansion screws. Above all, they get the steel plate structure because it keeps the circular LED screen safe from rust. By adopting all of these tips, you can save extra time and effort. Furthermore, it helps to get more value against the money that you spent.

It supports multiple playback formats:

Before making the buying decision, make sure that it can run all format videos. The round LED display uses the asynchronous control card. However, it is the main feature that is responsible for playing all videos and images. For instance, by paying attention to this feature, the screen will support mp4, Gif, Png, etc. Apart from this, the circular LED screen comes with a setup that supports 3G. You can connect to the screen through a USB. Due to this feature, it will be like a piece of cake to send data here and there.

Circular LED screen

Multiple control method:

There are round LEDs that the Android app could control. So, before buying the screen, make sure that it supports the WIFI. Apart from this, the round LED comes with a 4GB video storage capacity.

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