Upgrade Your Classroom With Interactive Flat Panel Displays

8 Ways To Upgrade Your Classroom With Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Smart interactive flat panel displays are transforming how we learn and collaborate. Whether used in a classroom of a primary school or the boardroom of a business, these interactive Flat Panel Display are quickly becoming a fixture in numerous settings around the world. Many schools are beginning to introduce interactive flat-panel displays. Although it is powerful, many functions are not used. We have summarized some methods and suggestions and hope to inspire you to use interactive flat-panel displays.

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The Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) is the latest in digital display technology. It combines the interactivity of a whiteboard with the digital capabilities of a computer screen to create a unique and valuable experience for educators and businesses alike.

Compared to once-relied-on bulky projectors that required constant maintenance and set-up time, IFPs demonstrate a high-quality display, enhanced connectivity, and built-in software solutions.

Designed for interactive whiteboarding, videoconferencing, screen sharing, and much more, users can seamlessly connect to these large-format displays from their own devices or choose to use the multi-touch capabilities on the display itself.

Upgrade Your Classroom With Interactive Flat Panel Displays

8 Ways To Upgrade Your Classroom With Interactive Flat Panel Displays

1. Play video games

Try to create more interesting classes. You can connect the game console to an interactive flat panel displays, such as the Wii and Xbox that kids love. Some games are entertaining and can mobilize children’s interests. All you have to do is find them.

Upgrade Your Classroom With Interactive Flat Panel Displays

2. A More equitable way to call

Use tools like Random Student Number in your interactive flat panel to ensure that you don’t always ask the same child to answer questions. You can also use it for assignments or select partners or groups to distribute the game fairly.

3. Use your interactive flat panel as a learning center

When your child is doing group activities, you can use the IFP as a group center to show the children’s discussions. You can also use the mobile casting features to capture student work on your mobile phone and display it on an interactive flat panel displays.

Upgrade Your Classroom With Interactive Flat Panel Displays

4. Include test preparation in the game

You can use PowerPoint on your interactive flat panel to make your own games or courseware. You can also download and install online games.

5. Conduct a virtual field trip

Field trips are amazing learning opportunities, but they require a lot of work and money to achieve them. However, with an interactive flat panel displays, any journey can be made a reality. Using Google Maps and local videos, you can travel around the world and videos. Virtual travel can also help before or after actually visiting a local destination. Use your IFP as an introduction or summary of your trip.

6. Create a cool new application

If you are a technical teacher, your interactive flat panel can help teach your child how to create his own iPhone or Android application. You can use them with different operating systems (Android or Windows) and run them directly to test their results.

Upgrade Your Classroom With Interactive Flat Panel Displays

7. Efficient review of assignments

You can display work content on the interactive flat panel without writing job problems and parsing or verbal checks on the whiteboard. You can connect a document camera to the interactive flat panel to complete student work. You can easily switch between teacher answer sheets and different student worksheets or notebooks for sharing and collaboration.

8. Try a new way of reading

Use the reading function in the interactive classroom system to read any document you find. It is a good idea to use your voice to experience good words with your children!

Upgrade Your Classroom With Interactive Flat Panel Displays


Overall, Interactive Flat Panel Displays are gaining more fame and attention every day, and educational institutions are one of the main users of these devices. After all, with all the features and benefits that IFPDs provide for instructors and educators, it is no wonder that more people are finding them interesting. They make the teaching process simpler, easier, and more enjoyable for both teachers and students. And as studies illustrate, the outcomes are more satisfying as well!

If you are interested in learning more about some of the best interactive flat panel displays for educational institutions, be sure to contact us!

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Smart TV is just display devices with the facility to stream videos from the internet without requiring an external setup. On the other hand, interactive flat panel displays have additional features like pre-loaded content, interactive whiteboard, mini PC, internal storage, etc.
Interactive flat panel displays have several advantages over projectors, including better classroom ergonomics, advanced safety features, and higher resolution. Both displays can create bright images, and projectors can create slightly larger images compared to the largest 98” interactive displays.