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How cool is the USB C screen

How cool is the USB C screen?

Nowadays, more and more mobile phones, laptops, tablet PC choose to be equipped with USB Type-C interfaces, as well as screens. The universal Type-C interface equipped with the USB C screen supports many standards, which are both convenient and practical, making expansion more convenient. Today, let’s talk about the functions and application scenarios of the universal USB Type-C on the USB C screen.

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how do comment on Rockchip

As a digital signage manufacturer, how do comment on Rockchip?

Most of the chips used in the digital signage industry are from Rockchip. Their RK3288 and RK3399 are widely used. As a digital signage industry, we should recognize this enterprise that specializing in intelligent application chips.

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10 USB OTG expanded functions on android tablet pc

10 USB OTG expanded functions on android tablet pc

USB OTG is an extension of the data processing function, allowing data to be read from USB devices without requiring a PC. The device has basically become a USB host. At this level, USB OTG expanded many additional useful functions for android tablet pc.

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How to choose information kiosk supplier

Some tips for how to choose a high-quality information kiosk supplier.

If takes the “cheapest is best” approach to buying kiosks from information kiosk supplier, and you could end up with higher long-term costs than you bargained for.

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What is IMEI code and how to get it

What is IMEI code and how to get it?

It’s not just cell phones that have IMEI codes. Anything that needs to connect to a cellular network must have an IMEI code. This includes 4G LTE android tablet, iPads, smartwatches, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

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Benefits of self ordering kiosk

The 4 Biggest Benefits of self ordering kiosk

For most companies, Self ordering kiosk are a way to increase efficiency and brand. However, with appropriate degree of customization, Self ordering kiosk can deepen the efficiency and brand strength.

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