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    Commercial Display and Multimedia Advertising System

    Multimedia advertising system of commercial display consists of server, network, and digital signage displays. The information of the server is sent to the player through the network (applicable to Wan/LAN/private network, including wireless network), then, combines audio and video, pictures, text and other information (including playing position and playing content, etc.), and transmits the audio and video input acceptable to commercial display such as LCD TV to form the playing of audio and video files, in this way, a set of links that can send all server information to terminals through the network is formed.

    Software and hardware distinction of multimedia system

    1. Multimedia hardware system: it generally adopts Android motherboard. Mainly includes: computer configuration, various external devices and control interface cards with various external devices (including multimedia real-time compression and decompression circuits).

    2. The software system includes multimedia driver software, multimedia operating system, multimedia data processing software, multimedia creation tool software and multimedia application software.

    Multimedia Advertising System mainly includes three parts: central control system, commercial display system and network platform.

    The central control system is installed on the management and control server and has main functional modules such as resource management, playback settings, terminal management and user management. It can edit, review, publish, monitoring, etc., unified management and control of all commercial display.

    The commercial display system includes media player, video and audio transmitter, video and audio repeater and display terminal, which mainly receives and transmits multimedia information (video, picture, text, etc.) through commercial display, the screen content is displayed on LCD, PDP and other display terminals through VGA, which can provide broadcasting effect of broadcasting quality and safe and stable broadcasting terminal.

    The network platform is the information transmission bridge between the central control system and the terminal display system. The existing network system in the project can be utilized without additional special networks.

    Features and functions of the Multimedia Advertising System

    1. Network remote control Release Management

    2. Remotely update programs, remotely monitor and manage, and implement a terminal to control the machines placed outside

    3. Split screen: the display screen can be divided into up to 8 playback areas and 3 subtitle areas.

    4. Set playback content: select Playback content (pictures, videos, slides, and subtitles) for each playback area.

    5. Scrolling subtitles: supports running subtitles, instant message sending, and scrolling text.

    6. Playback control: automatically play according to the playlist when starting up, automatically detect the update of the server playlist when starting up, and play the previously arranged program list when there is no new playlist.

    7. Program scheduling: schedule all content and support regular playback and round-robin playback;

    8. Program Preview: Supports the preview function of all programs in the program list; Supports multiple languages

    9. User management: supports multiple users; Terminal management: supports remote terminal information maintenance and terminal status monitoring;

    10. It can remotely publish real-time rolling text information, such as promotion information, meeting notice, special offer information, inspiration for seeking people, supply and demand information, new product listing information, etc. You can remotely and arbitrarily insert temporary subtitles or images. It can realize split-screen playback, and can remotely automatically detect and monitor the advertising machine in real time and form a detection status report.

    Commercial Display and Multimedia Advertising System

    The main solutions of the Multimedia Advertising System industry are as follows:

    1. Multimedia Advertising System for administrative and Enterprise Buildings

    Multimedia Advertising System is a set of Commercial Display and Multimedia Advertising System established by administrative organs or large enterprises by installing commercial display and playing terminals in prominent positions of office buildings to publish internal information and external publicity images of enterprises. Establish a platform for cultural publicity and a window for brand demonstration.

    2. Bank private network multimedia operation system

    The multimedia advertising system is a set of Commercial Display and Multimedia Advertising System established by using the proprietary network platform inside the bank and replacing the previous LED electronic display screen by installing liquid crystal display screens and playing terminals in major business halls, the main functions are as follows: real-time release of financial information, such as interest rate, foreign exchange quotation, funds, bonds, gold, financial news, etc. Introduction to financial knowledge, electronic financing and banking business. For staff training, the training content can be distributed to each broadcasting point in advance, and the training can be flexibly arranged according to branches, sub-branches or business halls. The bank’s internal or external advertising platform is a new value-added service carrier. Promote corporate culture and enhance brand image.

    3. Multimedia advertising system for medical industry

    The multimedia advertising system is a set of Commercial Display and Multimedia Advertising System mainly established by using the enterprise network platform inside the hospital in the form of installing large screens and playing terminals in prominent positions. The specific application analysis is as follows: publicity of disease knowledge and common sense of health care is carried out in different departments, such as describing the details that should be paid attention to in the daily life of patients with diabetes and heart disease. Special outpatient service and department introduction, improve popularity and facilitate patients to seek medical treatment. The introduction of authoritative doctors and experts is convenient for patients to make targeted diagnosis according to their needs and shorten the medical treatment time. The promotion of new drugs, therapies and new medical instruments and instruments is convenient for patients to understand the medical trends, facilitate patients to see a doctor, and improve the economic benefits of the hospital. Emergency, real-time information or notification insertion, registration and emergency information release to improve work efficiency. Medical navigation, display hospital electronic map, convenient for patients to consult and see a doctor. Remote centralized training for hospital staff, business or other aspects of learning anytime and anywhere. Image propaganda films and product advertisements are played to shape the brand image of the hospital. Promote the concept of healthy life, advocate good living habits, and achieve the role of public welfare publicity. Fengguang films or other programs beneficial to patients are played to adjust patients’ emotions and create a good atmosphere for seeing a doctor.

    4. Business Hall Multimedia advertising system

    Business hall usually refers to business outlets with large scale, large quantity and wide distribution, such as large operators all over the country, mainly focusing on customer service and payment, the multimedia information operation system includes image publicity such as information release, training and promotion services within the organization and external public advertisement operation.

    5. Chain organization multimedia information operation system

    Chain agencies such as chain supermarkets, pharmacies, cosmetics, housing agencies, catering and other large chain agencies, multimedia information publishing system can not only publish advertisements, professional advertising operations can also be a window platform for market operations such as internal information sharing, business training, and promotion information release.

    6. Hotel multimedia information operation system

    The hotel multimedia information system includes the VOD system for hotel rooms and the information publishing and inquiry system for hotels in public areas. Such as the introduction of hotel catering, entertainment, conference and other service items, through the establishment of information release platform to improve the service quality while prompting the hotel’s brand and image, etc.

    7. Elevator multimedia information publishing system

    The elevator multimedia advertising system is different from the general elevator digital signage displays. The system integrates the up and down digital information or voice information of the elevator into the multimedia advertising system, at the same time of publishing multimedia advertisements, it shows the elevator going up or down on the display terminal.

    8. Multimedia information publishing system of Exhibition Center

    This system usually uses the existing large screen or new screen of large exhibition center or competition venue as the terminal of multimedia information display, the system can broadcast live matches or large-scale events or release relevant real-time information.

    9. Community multimedia advertising system

    It usually refers to the concentrated areas of large life, work or leisure and entertainment, such as large shopping centers, real estate living quarters, software parks, industrial parks, etc, it is mainly through this system to improve the level of property management and service, expand the channels of external information release, and enhance the image of the park.

    10. Multimedia advertising system for transportation industry

    Such as the release, Operation inquiry and advertisement operation of multimedia information about train information, bus navigation and other business such as airports, railway stations, bus stations, buses and subways.

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