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Digital interactive kiosk enhance your customer experience

The rise of E-commerce is having a profound impact on the retail industry. These days not only do brick-and-mortar stores have to challenge their fellow high street competition for business, but they also must compete with global companies offering online shoppers a seamless online experience. According to the survey, to stand out in the current climate, brick-and-mortar stores have to prioritize their customer experience. So Digital interactive kiosk are essential for retail display.

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Throughout this piece, we’ll explore what Digital interactive kiosks are, the different types of interactive kiosks that are available, and how they can transform your customer experience for good.

What Are Digital interactive kiosks?

Digital interactive kiosks allow your customers to access information (such as wayfinding or browsing through your catalog) and make purchases/orders, all without having to speak to a member of your staff. They leverage the power of self-service functionality, something that’s becoming increasingly popular—especially with the youngest generations—to help your store serve more customers, more thoroughly, and more cost-effectively than ever before.

digital interactive kiosk

The Different Types Of Digital interactive kiosks

Needless to say, there’s more than just one type of interactive kiosk. Let’s check out a few of the more prominent examples, digging into their pros, cons, and where they’re generally best used.

The Freestanding Digital interactive kiosk

The Freestanding Digital interactive kiosk, our most popular kiosk to date, is the most versatile in our range. It’s available in 43″ to 65” as standard, includes a commercial HD LCD screen, and gives you the option to custom brand it with colored fascias, logos, and unique designs.

Our interactive kiosk display also boast integrated Windows or Android functionality and HDMI/VGA ports, making it incredibly easy to play your content direct from laptops, TVs, and more.

For larger-scale projects and sites, our kiosks also support remote content uploading, where content can be refreshed and updated on a large scale from a single source, ideal for shopping centers or retail stores with multiple locations.

digital interactive kiosk

Landscape Digital interactive kiosk

Ideal for wayfinding and visitor attractions, the Landscape Interactive Kiosk boasts a 32″ to 65” display as well as 10-point touch technology—meaning they can easily be used by multiple people all at once.

Due to its generously sized screen and multi-touch functionality, this Digital interactive kiosk is best suited to use in shopping centers, museums, car showrooms, etc…

digital interactive kiosk

Custom Designed Touch Kiosks

At Shiningltd, we’re no strangers to creating unique products for projects across the globe, and kiosks are no exception to this. Our specialist industry knowledge allows us to create bespoke kiosk solutions designed to fit a specific brief and design specification, such as, adding a mirror in the front glass, built-in front camera, RFID, QR Code scanner, etc…

digital interactive kiosk

How Do Digital interactive kiosks Improve Your Customer Experience?

As great as they are, you want to introduce interactive kiosks for one main purpose: to improve your customer experience. There are several ways in which Digital interactive kiosks can do this, providing your customers with a memorable experience that they’re not likely to forget in a hurry.

Enhance Self-Service Functionality

Digital kiosks bring the benefits of one-to-one customer service without customers even needing to speak to a member of staff. Given the current economic turbulence, you may have unfortunately had to downsize your staff—yet you want this to have minimal disruption on your customer experience.

That’s where digital kiosks come in. By implementing one of our touch LCD kiosks, you can vibrantly display your in-store offerings to customers without them having to browse through your entire store or speak to a member of staff. You can also set them up to provide multi-language functionality and even make them fully accessible to those with disabilities.

digital interactive kiosk

A Memorable Experience

Digital interactive kiosks will help you stand out from the crowd, providing customers with a futuristic way to serve themselves, find out where they’re going, or dive into your offerings in more detail. You can also fully customize them, either with your branding or with a unique artistic display that’ll be sure to catch the attention of passers-by.

Do away with long queues, people loitering unsure where to go, and a tired retail experience, by installing interactive kiosks, you can revamp your entire in-store customer experience and tailor it to excel in a post-COVID world.

Make Your Store An Experience To Remember

Digital interactive kiosks help you provide an unforgettable customer experience. Not only do they look slick, but they also make it easy for customers to shop or browse however they want, at their own pace.

If you want to find out more about how our Digital interactive kiosks transform retail spaces, museums, galleries, and more, then get in touch with us for more details!

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An Digital interactive kiosk is any computer-like device deployed in a public venue to give people self-service access to products and services.
Interactive information kiosks are widely used in venues with high foot traffic (for example, airports or hotel lobbies). Non-interactive — customers receive the information displayed on a screen without the ability to perform any activities.