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    Digital Signage as Real Time Customer Service During COVID 19

    As retailers and public-oriented enterprises reopen under changing health guidance and local restrictions, the need to clearly convey the latest health and safety information is crucial for smooth operation and public support.

    In the best time, display technology — in the form of digital signages, Display kiosks and interactive wayfinding systems — is crucial to inform and attract people when they browse retail space. As reopened retailers across the country strive to take safety measures during the epidemic, it can be of new importance as customer service.

    For any type of business–from department stores to boutiques-the latest policy to provide customers with one of the simplest and most non-invasive methods, special store business hours, general store information and occupancy protocols are implemented through strategic placement of digital signage solutions that can be easily updated and automated.

    Digital Signage as Real Time Customer Service During COVID 19


    From staff morale and safety to dealing with customers who are alienated from society, there is consistent and useful information from every day and every visit, which helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

    Specifically, the mobile, refactoring signage solution allows retailers to position their information at high traffic locations and then move them as needed. The built-in operating system and digital signage software enable employees to customize daily information and place digital signage in a space that currently does not include digital signage.

    As the enterprise should allow the number of internal customers, how many customers they should expect, and the uncertainty of how these customers will behave still exists, therefore, providing accurate information at each business entrance, to avoid confusing store policies and managing customer expectations.

    Although enterprises that have already used digital signages can reuse some displays to share guidelines or mask requirements for social distance, they may even benefit from additional displays in areas with high entrances, bottlenecks and people flow.

    Digital Signage as Real Time Customer Service During COVID 19


    Technology providers have begun to develop a new turnkey digital health and safety protocol solution that combines video display with software, sensors, etc. These advanced signage solutions provide important information to help retailers ensure that social distances and general safety practices are implemented without the need for staff to manage.

    In particular, new technology solutions, such as the occupancy management system, can help tourists automatically realize the personnel counting process when entering the store, and health service kiosks, which can measure the temperature and allocate personal protective equipment, add real-time information elements that help implement health protocols.

    In addition, the “contactless” display avoids touch, but still tries to achieve interactivity by using QR scanner. For example, a shopper wants to find a shoe area but does not want to touch an interactive display. By scanning QR codes with smart phones, interactive maps can be copied on devices and routes and other information can be safely navigated on smartphone screens. Or she can speak on an interactive display and use artificial intelligence and speech recognition. The displays can show her information like today’s smart speakers.

    By deploying these new technologies, retailers can ensure that their customers are at ease while automating the information process.

    Digital Signage as Real Time Customer Service During COVID 19


    Clear communication on policies and procedures-from requiring masks and disinfection to limiting occupancy rate and close contact-shows that enterprises care about public health and safety. This in turn builds their reputation as responsible members of the community.

    Consumer confidence is at its lowest level in decades. Retailers who create and implement safe shopping experiences will gain respect and commerce from hesitant but eager shoppers, these shoppers may have complex feelings about public exposure and other people’s behavior. With the right technical solutions, retailers can show customers their ability to care about everyone’s health and buy products. We are really together.

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