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    As many countries in the world have begun to relax social restrictions caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, how to reopen business safely and effectively. How to ensure the health of employees and customers while maintaining good customer experience? All these have become things that need to be considered urgently in many commercial places.

    One of the most important strategies to consider is how to maintain good communication with customers so that they can understand the guidelines for reopening and how to ensure the safety between each other in the place where they are located.

    Digital signage can help complete reopening. Because it can help realize social distance well and provide good contactless communication experience at the same time.

    Maintain social distance

    First of all, Digital signage media player can help remind people to keep social distance with each other in public places.

    At present, Signage display are more important than ever. Social distance and hygiene habits in public places are key considerations for restoring normal activities, because existing health guidelines often change rules, this highlights that digital signage media player can provide accurate and timely information and enable employees in commercial places to communicate smoothly with customers to ensure social security.

    Some commercial places are using dynamic signage display to help complete the above process. For example, the evacuation digital signage media player entrance solution, which can let customers know when to enter safely. It can also be integrated with automatic doors to remain closed or open according to the capacity of commercial places. And according to the total number of detected capacity, trigger the Digital signage to display various messages, such as “please wait a moment, the store has reached the maximum personnel capacity” or “Please come in, we only have 42% personnel usage rate”.

    Contactless interaction

    Many customers are already worried about using the digital signage touch screen, especially when it is not ensured that the clean touch screen can isolate the spread of viruses. But now the digital signage media player scheme can provide non-contact experience while still maintaining the interactivity of signage display.

    The current interactive interface of signage display provides QR code, which allows customers to achieve the performance of interaction by scanning QR code. The original plan is that customers can directly check the signage information on the mobile phone, and through the touch interaction of the mobile phone, the advanced plan is that customers can also control the interactive use of digital signage through the touch control or voice command of the mobile phone.

    Bottom Line

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of digital signage solutions is crucial, which can ensure that health guidelines and other public safety information can be updated quickly, it can reflect that commercial places always focus on the safety and health of customers and employees. This is the only real way to ensure a good customer experience.

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