Digital signage for banks

Benefits of Digital Signage for Banks: How it can improve financial services.

Nowadays, the financial environment changes, and financial institutions are offering diversified businesses to maintain their old customers and attract new customers. However, customers only spend between 10-15 minutes in the bank branch for their business, including waiting time, so those financial institutions have no extra time and human resources to communicate with each customer on their new business offerings. In this way, Digital signage for banks can help financial institutions to promote their offerings messages and education as quickly and effectively as possible.

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Benefits of Digital signage for banks

Enhance Customers’ Experience

Financial digital signage solutions can integrate with bank internal data sources and live financial data feeds to display exchange rates…together with information and education, which can reduce customers’ stress during their waiting time.

Maximize Profit

Digital signage system allows to promote the new financial service and products the bank offered to increase customer satisfaction, encourage customer loyalty and attract new business through cross-selling and promotion, of course, can reduce staff needs.

Digital signage for banks

Train Bank Employees

Digital signage networks allow the head office to remotely update all the digital screens in different branches, and send messages and training videos to all the signage displays as they want for bank employees training, to save training costs.

Keep The Visitors Updated & Engaged

With Digital signage for banks, you can offer real-time updates to your financial institute visitors to keep them updated. You also showcase entertaining content to your audience, making digital signage the ideal infotainment tool and enhancing customer engagement.

It opens up endless opportunities for you as a financial institute. Modify your digital screens and display what works best for your visitors to offer smooth functioning.

Digital signage for banks

Go Eco-friendly & Save Paper

We all know how the world is going through a global warming crisis, calling for big industries to go eco-friendly. A lot of paperwork goes to a financial institution, resulting in wasted paper. There are times when banks use tons of paper for one-time use, and then it goes to waste.

Don’t be like other irresponsible institutions. Let Digital signage for banks be your new investment that can perfectly replace your financial institution’s bulletin board and other documents.

Locations for Bank Digital Signage Display

Front of Building

Attractive content and branding promotion can be displayed in the store-front window facing digital signage displays, which can quickly engage passersby on the street, which can reinforce brand confidence, and attract passengers’ attention with the help of high-brightness signage screens.

Community Area

Additional digital screens can be used for community areas in the bank including people gathering areas or areas requiring waiting and queueing for financial products promotions.

Digital signage for banks


Deploy digital signage lcd screen on the counter and integrate them with the local queue management system allowing customers to check the queueing status at any time to improve the customers’ experience.


ATMs are a very important place for digital signage, when customers wait to receive their money, ATM topper digital signage screens or built-in ATM topper signage screens allow them to deliver bank messages or advertising to their customers.

Digital signage for banks

Welcome Area

In the welcome Area, banks can deploy network digital signage screens in wall mounting or free-standing type to display the Live TV channels and advertising so customers can get entertainment during their waiting time. Also can integrate a digital signage system with the bank’s dynamic data for example exchange rate.

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Digital Signage is essential to catch the attention of customers within the bank premise. It is also used to provide the necessary information instantly.
External branding, internal branding/way-finding digital signage, stand-off signage, digital hoardings, retail point-of-sell signage, etc. are some of the primary types of digital signage.