Digital Signage for Internal Communications

Digital Signage for Internal Communications: Enhance Employee Engagement & Communication

In a fast-paced work environment, it’s crucial for companies to stay connected with their employees and promote effective communication. Hybrid working models may make keeping in touch seem challenging, but Digital Signage for Internal Communications can help improve internal communication. It ensures all team members stay informed and connected no matter where they are. With the right strategy, tools, and confidence in place, companies can ensure employees are well-informed, engaged, and productive.

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By utilizing digital signage, organizations can communicate important information to employees in real time, no matter where they are working from. Internal communications teams can use digital signage to build a more resilient and effective organization.

What is Digital Signage for Internal Communications?

Digital signage involves using screens throughout your workplace – whether that’s around the office, warehouse, retail store, distribution center, or more – to communicate information to employees. You’ll need three essential ingredients to start sharing internal communications messages on a digital signage display: a screen, digital signage software, and your internal comms team!

We all know that static images can quickly become stale and fail to capture attention. That’s why digital signage, with its dynamic and visually engaging nature, is such an attention-grabbing communication channel.

Why Use Digital Signage For Internal Communication?

Rapidly Steal Attention of Employees

It is hard to ignore the lively digital display; at least once it will attract your eyes and entice you to look at what is displayed on the screen.

Considering the advantage, digital signage is a perfect medium to enhance internal communications systems and grab their attention for quicker response.

Digital Signage for Internal Communications

Deliver Information To Many Concurrently

Hundreds of employees can interact with digital signage and receive information concurrently, removing the hassle of opening emails, and checking long chat threads on Slack, or organizational intranets.

Employees usually ignore popups or notifications when they are busy with a task and open them after they are finished, sometimes the next day.

So if you want to convey crucial information and need their response instantly, using older internal communication methods proves ineffective.

Cost & Time Effective

Using emails or applications for employee & organization communication will take so much cost & time. Employees have to spare time or leave their ongoing tasks to delve into the organization’s notice or message.

It hampers the productivity of employees and distracts them, costing more to the organizations. Digital Signage for Internal Communications help you deliver crucial information on the wall allowing employees to get updates while engaging in their work.

Digital Signage for Internal Communications

Build Direct Communication

Digital signage is easily visible, and its eye-catching feature demands the employees’ attention. It is the perfect tool to spread messages on a large scale. Usually, when you have to share some information or update, you send out emails to your employees, but it doesn’t assure readability. Sending WhatsApp bulk messages is a way to send a single message to multiple contacts simultaneously.

Besides, the actual information slips out when employees miscommunicate. With digital signage, it is more likely that every employee who comes across it will read it, creating direct communication between employees and the organization.

Some ways to use Digital Signage for Internal Communications

Company Newsletter

If your company is sending out weekly or monthly newsletters to your team, then you know through your click rate data that most of them don’t bother opening your emails. It might be time to change your approach to spreading company news and convert your email newsletters to digital newsletters instead.

Digital Signage for Internal Communications

Display your company newsletter content on digital signage displays positioned in multiple high-traffic areas throughout your office. Covering multiple locations will help you reach a wider audience and get your commercial messaging across more effectively.

Emergency Alerts

In the event of an emergency, such as a fire, active shooter situation, or natural disaster, you and your employees need to act fast and get to safety. Digital Signage for Internal Communications comes with emergency alert features that allow you to deploy emergency alerts quickly, giving your employees enough time to respond.

These features don’t only come into play when there’s an active emergency though. You can also use digital signage for internal communications to facilitate emergency preparedness, instructing your personnel on what to do in case of an emergency or informing them of where they can find the nearest fire exits.

Digital Signage for Internal Communications

Health Information

You can use your internal communications digital signage to help keep your workplace a healthy and safe environment for your personnel. Deploying health information, such as handwashing and sanitizing reminders, diet tips, stress-relief practices, or exercises to reduce work-related pain, can educate your employees on how to take charge of their health and wellness.

Meeting Room Signage

If your office meeting rooms are always booked and finding a free schedule ends up becoming a competitive game of tug of war, we’ll be the first to tell you that you need a Digital Meeting Room Signage.

Displaying ongoing meetings and their durations right outside your board rooms informs the team of what’s going on and when which in turn can streamline and ease the booking process.

Digital Signage for Internal Communications

Policy Changes

Companies usually send their employees memos to alert them of any changes in corporate policies, procedures, or initiatives. But the harsh truth is that no one reads them.

Internal communication digital signages provide you with a more engaging and effective way of making announcements about updates in internal policies. Use dynamic displays to deliver critical information that affects everyone in the organization.

Social Media Feeds

Customer feedback contains valuable information that can tell you how your company is being perceived outside the four corners of your office. They make powerful and convincing arguments that reveal what you’re doing right or what you need to improve on.

Consider streaming social media feeds on your Digital Signage for Internal Communications so your employees become more aware of public opinion about your company.

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Corporate digital signage works alongside your existing communication channels, Digital Signage for Internal Communications providing an additional layer of information sharing and employee engagement. Reach your teams in a way that works best for them. Improve message success rate with eye-catching displays.
They allow people to convey messages quickly and efficiently, without extensive explanation. They can simplify information and help people remember important details.