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    What is hand sanitizer kiosk?

    Now launching new digital signage hand sanitizer kiosk, It is used to help fight for COVID-19 Coronavirus.

    Digital hand sanitizer kiosks have an automatic dispenser that supports gel, foam or liquid disinfectants, and static logo is displayed to show the company or organization ’s information, also with high definition 21.5-inch digital signage for media information playback.

    The hand sanitizer kiosk system is very useful because the traffic is attracted to hand sanitizer signage because it is provided for free. While getting the hands-free disinfectant, the audience stopped to watch the information of the digital signage of hand sanitizer kiosk. This visual communication is a unique and eye-catching form. It is used to improve the link between customers and advertisements to establish an advertising network. digital signage hand sanitizer kiosk Is the latest and fastest-growing digital signage form today.

    Hand sanitizer kiosk Digital signage technology

    The operator can create, manage, and edit the content of hand sanitizer kiosk display, Digital Hand Sanitizer Kiosks has a built-in Android media player. The remote control software also provides drag-and-drop widgets, so operators can insert real-time RSS feeds, websites, weather forecasts, social media feeds, etc. into hand sanitizer signage display.

    The new hand sanitizer signage has taken public health, educational value, and smart technology into consideration. This series of hand sanitizer signage is the perfect solution for public places with heavy traffic such as medical clinics, shopping malls, commercial buildings, insurance companies, and retail establishments. When users reach hand sanitizer kiosk, they can receive hand sanitizer disinfection while seeing any combination of information and media displayed on the screen of the self-service terminal.

    Hand sanitizer kiosk Configuration

    Digital Hand Sanitizer Kiosks has two styles in one. Wall-mounted or free-standing information kiosk. The wall-mounted hand sanitizer digital signage leans flush against the wall, making it ideal for places with limited floor space, such as retail stores, nail salons, banks, or medical clinics. Digital Hand Sanitizer Kiosks is a stand-alone device, ideal for high-traffic public, such as shopping malls, airports, grocery stores, schools or museums.

    The digital signage hand sanitizer kiosk system has a rugged metal housing and integrated 21.5-inch commercial-grade digital signage. hand sanitizer kiosk With a built-in hand sanitizer dispenser that supports gel, foam, or liquid hand sanitizer.

    Touch screen display;

    Hand sanitizer kiosk Use a digital display with touch screen capabilities. The interactive display works perfectly with the hand sanitizer dispenser. With the support of digital signage solutions, you can easily update hand sanitizer kiosk display content through a simple web browser portal.

    • Android OS 6.0 system
    • Auto upload videos or photos from the software installed in the PC
    • Support remote content update,upload,delete,support OSD,VOD,loop playback
    • Support Split screen, Rolling text
    • Support HD Video resolution: 1920×1080
    • Support Calendar, Clock
    • Support 3rd party APK installation
    • Media files Supported:data/mpg/DivX(.avi) /BMP/jpg/flash/office files and so on…
    • Removeable Independent Main Board Box for maintenance

    Non-contact dispenser with the sensor.

    With the built-in sensor, hand sanitizer signage can automatically dispense gel, foam, and/or other liquids for disinfection.

    • Auto Dispense: Auto Dispense by Sensor, touch free to avoid cross-infection;
    • Power Supply: AC adapter;
    • Auto Identify: Identify the disinfectant automatically, only work for the authorized one;(Optional)
    • Dispensing Life: The life of our dispenser is more than 650000 times;
    • Soap/Disinfectant Bottle
      Volume: 3600ml
      Dispense Volume: Number of Dispensing times can be adjusted to 1,2,3 or 4
      Pump: Standard pump for Liquid, Foam, and Gel is optional.
      Each drop is about 1ML for Gel; 0.4ML for Foam; 2ML for Liquid.

    Digital signage hand sanitizer kiosk Respond to coronavirus Covid-19

    Now, when the whole world in the fight against the coronavirus, we are more than ever to understand, do not crowd gathered, the most important thing is to always keep your hands clean, do not touch the face and mouth, digital signage hand sanitizer kiosk in this regard Will play its own unique role.


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