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Digital Signage Hotel: Enhancing the Guest Experience and Hospitality Management

Do you investigate options for improving service and management at your hotel? Within the hospitality industry, the guest experience serves as a key differentiator. The way you position your establishment to provide remarkable experiences, including staycations and other emerging trends, sets you apart from the competition. Digital signage hotel is the most appropriate digital business solution for use at the front desk, lobby, conference rooms, elevators, and hotel rooms.

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As a hotelier, the moments when your guests anticipate an exceptional stay and receive it are what you live for. These moments signify your success in achieving customer loyalty and satisfaction.

We are currently living in a digital age where opulence alone is no longer sufficient. Customized content displayed on screens, ranging from the drive-through to the guest rooms, enhances the ambiance and sophistication of your hotel.

What do Digital signage hotel for?

Utilizing digital signage can benefit hoteliers, employees, and guests in many different ways.

1. Communication

Digital signage hotel can communicate with guests. Whether guests are video chatting with team members, reading important updates, sending a quick message, or relaying housekeeping preferences, digital signage can help streamline hotel guest communication efforts across a variety of different departments.

Digital Signage Hotel

2. Engagement

Incorporating digital signage into your hotel’s design can provide guests with a new and unique way to engage with your business. Many travelers have never had the opportunity to get directions from a digital concierge, order dining on a touchscreen display, or see their feedback appear digitally in real-time.

3. Marketing

Digital signage hotel can be used to market hotel services, promotional offers, and additional amenities. Boost business and generate hotel revenue with attractive in-house digital marketing campaigns targeted at your “best” guests. Use digital in-room collateral to advertise room service, events, and limited-time offers.

4. Operations

Effectively using Digital signage hotel can help streamline many hotel operations, reduce redundant expenses (i.e. printing services), and assist hotel employees in every department. Digital restaurant menus can help ease pressure on a slammed restaurant staff, digital check-in options can help prevent congested check-in lines, and real-time housekeeping requests can assist room attendants in prioritizing daily tasks.

Digital Signage Hotel

5. Satisfaction

By allowing guests to access important information quickly, streamline the check-in process, place orders, and engage in no-contact information with staff, digital signage can improve the guest experience at any property. Creating a personalized digital experience for guests can lead to increased guest satisfaction, stronger customer loyalty, and more word-of-mouth recommendations.

How to use Digital signage hotel?

1. Self-Service Check-in/out

Using Digital signage hotel also makes the hotel staff’s job easier.

Speed up check-in with digital displays placed in the lobby area that display all the information needed. Interactive Self service touch screen kiosks are handy at busy times. Guests don’t have to wait for their questions to be answered by hotel staff. The staff, thus relieved, can attend to their guests all the more intensively.

2. Real-time welcome information

A great guest experience requires engagement but taking each customer through the list of selling points could take a while. In peak periods, digital signage becomes another arm of staff members ready to fill guests in on everything they need to know.

Real-time welcome information displayed on the screen could include check-in waiting times, restaurant opening hours, local travel updates, and even upgrades or offers available. While guests are waiting to check-in, or for a taxi, they get prime viewing seats on everything your hotel offers.

Digital Signage Hotel

3. Elevator information

Large hotels with multiple floors often have multiple elevators that hotel guests use frequently. An elevator is perfect for placing an elevator signage display. Here you frequently find digital info displays that show advertising content or important information about operations within the hotel.

Typically, this includes content such as opening hours for bars, restaurants, nightclubs, or other notices about upcoming events.

4. Digital Room Signage

Hotel room signage is not only used for entertainment and leisure purposes, but also can provide for meetings, conferences, or celebrations. Digital room signage plays a significant role in the hotel environment.

This means hotel staff is always up-to-date on room bookings. Depending on the system version, even reservations of conference rooms by guests can be made online. An extended functionality, doorplates offered for the hotel room, in which hotel guests can use digital doorplates to tell the service staff when they would like the room to be cleaned. Digital room signage is a real door opener.

Digital Signage Hotel

5. Show local flight and travel information.

Is your hotel located near a major airport, train depot, or metro stop? Hotels located near major travel ports can use Digital signage hotel to display rotating real-time travel information, such as arrival and departure times, train schedules, bus routes, ticket information, and delay updates.

Does your property offer s shuttle service to a nearby airport? Use signage to display shuttle schedules, instructions for reserving the shuttle, and other helpful details.

6. Entertainment

Enhance guest satisfaction and encourage longer stays by offering a variety of entertainment options on Digital signage hotel.

Create dedicated entertainment areas within the hotel, such as a lounge, where guests can unwind while watching news, sports, or movies. Customize the content to cater to different guest preferences, ensuring a pleasant hotel environment.

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Hotel guests can engage with digital signage in a variety of ways. Interactive kiosks, touchscreen dining menus, check-in displays, digital concierge services, and real-time social media walls can all play a part in a hotel’s digital engagement strategy.

Hotels use digital signage to inform guests and employees about important information, like events and wayfinding. Digital signage can also display videos, advertisements, photos, and other content to engage guests and employees.