Digital Signage in Retail

7 reasons for improving sales and customer experience with digital signage in retail.

With the progress of the times, the use of digital signage is becoming more and more extensive. And play a very important role in various industries. For example, in the retail industry, with the use of digital signage in retail stores, people’s shopping is more attractive, easier, and more efficient. According to the survey, retail digital signage offers a 46% increase in customer satisfaction and is said to bring around a 30% of increase in repeat buyers. These numbers are bound to increase over the years.

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Are digital signage in retail Worth It?

Yes, Here are the 7 reasons why you must have digital signage in retail store.

1. They pass the message quicker than a static billboard

Static billboards don’t make the cut anymore. Someday, digital signage would be much more appealing than them.

Imagine entering your favorite cloth brand store or a hypermarket and you see a big digital screen that takes you through the new arrivals, seasonal offers and discounts, and loyalty programs. Via the digital signage you will discover there is an offer running on your credit card – well isn’t that simply awesome?

With digital signage, the possibilities are limitless. This works both ways, the customers are happy they have all the details handy, and the retail businesses are happy that guests are exploring more to enhance their business.

Plus, the redundant cost of the billboard prints is saved.

Digital Signage in Retail

2. They are easy to manage

Uploading content via digital signage is so much easier than getting a static billboard boarded at the right place. The cherry on the cake is that you are not supposed to be physically present to update the content on the digital signage. You or your staff could be in a different city or state altogether and they can easily go on to update the content on the digital signage at the stores.

With our easy-to-use digital signage software, the staff might just need some minor training and they could start managing content at your chain of retail stores very easily.

Any kind of content be it images, videos or HTML can be easily displayed on the screen which can be much more appealing compared to paper billboards.

Digital Signage in Retail

3. They are cost-effective and time-saving

Let’s take a scenario where you are to get a big billboard printed and hoard it at a specific location. There would first be a design cost associated with it, then comes the printing cost, then the cost of placing it at the right place which requires at least two people. This could be a process of days – 3-5 at least.

Now let’s take digital signs. You get the design done, upload that design on the digital signage software dashboard, assign it to the device, and push it to the screens. This will hardly take a couple of minutes. Only one person can manage the entire process.

You are saved on both the time and the cost.

Digital Signage in Retail

4. Digital signage in retail help you establish a good brand image

With a variety of the right content, the right offers, and timely updates, your business can attain a steady customer base for itself and establish a good brand image.

If you own multiple outlets across remote locations, it is essential that uniformity is maintained at all places. This can be easily done via digital signage.

Using digital signage software you can group the devices and push the same content to all of them simultaneously. You can also schedule the content for these devices well in advance.

This will help you establish a good brand image and enhance your presence in customers’ minds with time.

Digital Signage in Retail

5. They help you market offers and promotions easily

Create a quick template of your needs using a template editor that digital signage might have and make the design creation task for you and your staff very easy.

With an offer that has been instantly decided upon, often your team might be in a hoax as to how to get up and run. In such a situation, you only need to pick up one already in-built template and get started.

Or if you have a designer available, you can get the image for the offer designed and push it to multiple screens in one go.

6. They help you highlight new arrivals

Surely new arrivals deserve some attention. Though they don’t account for huge discounts on them, they surely are most waited on by shopaholics.

By digital display signage at the entrance of your retail store about new arrivals or by placing them in a particular section, you can grab a customer’s attention and prompt them to check out the new arrivals.

Seasonal new arrivals are very easy to sell out. Make sure you are to put these on your digital signage in retail since people mostly are on the lookout for these and may decide to have a go at them on the spot.

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7. They help customers make smart decisions

This point comes into the picture considering the fact that customers are always on the lookout for offers or ways to make smarter purchasing choices. It might so happen that they are at your store to explore options and look for the right choice. Signage displaying the range of products or maybe a kiosk with the list of products might just do the trick.

Digital Signage can also be used to display detailed information about specific USP products that your brand is offering so users know everything about them.

With time, every business is always looking for ways to have smart solutions to improve its services. Digital signage definitely makes the cut and is already paving its way into the retail sector.

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Digital signage can be used for wayfinding in a store, or to display exhaustive product catalogs to improve the shopping experience. They can even update customers with the occupancy levels in different areas of the store or follow social distancing in different areas of the stores.
It can tempt customers to buy something they did not even know they were shopping for. It can command attention from afar, organize your wares and even bring shoppers inside your retail store.