Digital Signage in Schools

Digital Signage in Schools: Transforming Education with Dynamic Displays

Digital signage in schools can perform many functions. Both school administration and teachers can modify these to meet their unique needs. Digital signage allows for customization through various solutions, making it easier to manage. For schools, digital signage is an absolute necessity in this modern age. Some benefits of digital signage in schools include: informing students about weather, curriculum, important emergencies, parent-teacher conferences, and other events.

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Digital signage is electronic signage that helps convey a message. You may have seen these outside stores or in banks, gyms, churches, schools, and government buildings. Their applications are endless. Digital signage uses LCD, LED, or projection screens to display information in the form of multimedia. The purpose of digital signage is to provide information.

Characteristics of Digital signage in schools?

A good digital signage should have some characteristics of the school. Some of them are listed below.

1. Renewability

If you are going to have digital signage, it must be easy to update. Most digital signage systems allow users to update information via remote control or software. You should be able to access this interface through the software to modify any details displayed.

Digital Signage in Schools

2. News reports

As mentioned before, digital signage is great for schools with large or multiple campuses. Therefore, a good digital signage system should be able to convey information to a large number of students at one time.

3. Accessibility

A suitable digital signage system should be accessible, not only to administrators but also to students and staff. You should be able to communicate any message you want using a digital signage system. Students and staff must also find the information conveyed in an accessible location.

How can digital signage help schools?

Some schools use digital signage systems to produce playbills through text, pictures, videos, etc., making it easier for schools to deliver content to students and parents.

Digital Signage in Schools

Schedule changes

It’s bound to happen in any organization: schedule changes. Especially in educational institutions such as schools, this brings about a ton of administration. Canceled classes, changed classrooms, substituted teachers… it’s all the information that the students like to know before the start of the class. This kind of information can be shown on digital signage displays throughout the school, making sure that everybody can see it.

Public Transport information

While many students live close enough to the school to go by bicycle, other students have to take public transport. For these students, it is important to know what the departure times are for bus, metro, tram, or train. You can choose to show real-time schedules of public transport at the station closest to the school.

Digital Signage in Schools

Event Calendar

Of course, the main focus of a school is to provide students with an education. However, thankfully, most schools try to find the opportunity to let their students have some fun, too. Think of school dances, fundraising campaigns, or sports days. But also important days outside of school, such as holidays for all students and staff, including those people in school who are from a different culture. It’s a great idea to show these events in a calendar on displays throughout the school to raise awareness and to connect all people at school.

Canteen/ Cafeteria

But digital signage can also be used to display other things, such as the digital menu boards for your school’s cafeteria. No need to buy new menu display boards or adjust them by hand when the menu changes or when something is out of stock. Just change it in your CMS software and you’re done.

Digital Signage in Schools

Informative Content

Another use of Digital signage in schools is to convey interesting information, such as school announcements, local news, or weather forecasts. This type of content can come in handy in a variety of situations and may be a welcome change in information.

However, besides graphs and text, you can also choose to display photos and videos of things that are important to the school, such as societal projects, school trips, or other activities.


In case of emergency, you need everybody to have the right information as soon as possible. You need people to know what to do to get out of the situation safely. When you make use of a digital signage solution, you can use all displays to communicate this kind of information to all people in and around the building.

Digital signage does not only help students. It can also be helpful for staff, from teachers to facilities employees.


You can use Digital signage in schools to display all currently open vacancies in every environment, such as the teacher’s lunchroom. This way, they’ll be much more alert of ongoing open positions and they might be able to help fill them by recruiting people from their network.

Digital Signage in Schools


Now and then, there are going to be meetings between teachers, faculties, and/or departments. You could display the details of these meetings (and additional Wayfinding) to make sure everybody is on time and in the right place.

Important Notifications

And, of course, important notifications can be displayed on digital signage display. This can be schedule changes of course, but it can also be messages regarding the school’s facilities.

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Digital signage helps children’s education by assisting with visual learning; teachers use digital signage to showcase images relevant to the lesson subject.
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