Digital signage monitors for Airport
Discover the advantages of utilizing digital signage monitors in airports and how they enhance the overall passenger experience.

Benefits of Using Digital Signage Monitors in Airports | Improve Passenger Experience

With the continuous maturity of technology, LCD advertising digital signage monitors have also developed rapidly in recent years, and the market demand is also expanding year by year. Its applications can be seen everywhere, such as in shopping malls, subways, business halls, airports, and other public places. Today, let’s introduce the application of digital signage monitors in airports and the experience it brings to users.

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Airports are the most visited places in the world. Every day, different people shuttle or wait from all over the world. The digital signage monitors can play news channels, TV programs, and other interactive entertainment programs, adding a touch of fresh color to passengers’ boring waiting.

5 Benefits of Using digital signage monitors for Airport

1. Optimizing Travelers’ Experience

It goes without saying that airport digital signage improves an average traveler’s experience at the airport. Interestingly, according to Finavia, the most common stress source amongst passengers at the airport was feeling “confused and rushed”.

First-time travelers or not, passengers tend to waver, agitate, and fumble in the airports because the several terminals, counters, and intricate airport landscape is often very overwhelming.

The foremost benefit of digital signage solutions at the airport is enhancing the customer experience manifolds. Developers can optimize the display screens by running signs, helpful tips, directions, and reminders on a loop so that passengers can easily locate their needs. Simultaneously, digital signage display are far more visually-appealing and vivid than static ones.

Digital signage monitors for Airport

They appear brighter in color, support animations and can be updated according to situations. Thus, digital signage monitors provide optimal customer experience.

2. Advertising “Hotscreens”

Pursuing financial benefits, and reaping them, is easiest with digital signage displays. Airports are dense with people, a chief interconnecting road between two prime locations, either international or domestic. Airports are the premium broadcasting venues for countless brands hunting down their audiences.

Eager retailers are waiting for you to open up slots for advertisements on your LED screens across the airport space. Once they know it, you can make excellent non-aeronautical revenue off the displays via promotions and advertisements because the orders will keep pouring.

Brand owners are aware that not everyone boards their flights spot-on – they can capitalize on the “dwell” time spent inside the airports.

Digital signage monitors for Airport

3. Entertainment and Information Relay

Besides wayfinding and relaying relevant information to the passengers, the only source of entertainment and engagement travelers can seek comfort is digital signage displays. Of course, if we are to assume the mobile data is turned off.

Spending hours waiting at the airport isn’t surprising. Flight delays, the processing time of security, check-ins, and customs can be maddening for passengers should they have nothing to kill the hours. Digital signage displays can help reduce the wait time by up to 35% despite having mobiles in the hands.

It can run sports, weather news, concerts, TV series, and even Disney movies to diminish the torture to some extent. Generally, other kinds of infotainment about the environment and animals can also work fine, as long as there is something to watch on a bright, vibrant screen. In fact, cartoons work even better to keep kids distracted as they can create chaos when not entertained.

Digital signage monitors for Airport

4. Internal Communication

Moving from the external audience benefits to internal ones, digital signage displays are an extremely convenient tool to communicate super-smoothly with the audiences on the other side of the fence.

These include airport managers, employees, counter staff, and other workers trying to effectively run the airport realm. Communication is the key to proper management. Hence, digital signage screens placed strategically can exchange information with hundreds of workers within a second.
It helps increase the productivity of staff twofold. Simultaneously, communicating a security threat is a prime example of such cases to alert not only the staff but also instruct travelers on what to do.

Digital signage monitors for Airport

5. Security warnings

Security is the top priority for airport authorities. One way to improve security in an airport is to enhance every means of mass communication to travelers to aid in urgent situations, and digital signage monitors is a very effective tool to push out that content. The content manager can suspend the current attract screen loop or interactive content and push out emergency messages.

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