digital signage to optimize customer experience

6 methods and 10 key points of digital signage to optimize customer experience

6 methods and 10 key points of digital signage to optimize customer experience - Table of contents:

From the moment people enter your facility, they start assessing your entire organization based on their feelings. So, optimize customer experience (CX) is crucial to success. While this term comes from the hospitality industry (hotels, airports, restaurants) it also applies to anything from a university or corporate campus to a sports facility or museum.

Here are 6 methods to ensure optimize customer experience at your facility and people want to come back:

digital signage to optimize customer experience

1. Know Your Customer

  • Analyze web traffic and customer demographics.
  • Give general information ahead of time, using a website or registration system.
  • Ask for simple feedback, like “how did you hear about us”?

2. First Impressions Matter

  • Match the internal experience with your external presentation, whether that’s the exterior of a building, website or marketing efforts.
  • Make sure everything is clearly signposted and logically organized at the entrance, so people can find what they want quickly.

3. Make It Comfortable & Inviting

  • Welcome visitors using trained staff or digital signage messages.
  • If there are health or security protocols, streamline them.
  • If there’s a check-in or check-out process, make it as smooth as possible for the visitor.
  • Make instructions succinct but friendly.
  • Use wayfinding and directories to make it easier for people to find what they want.
  • Reduce perceived wait times by using a queuing system.
  • Ensure everything in the customer experience is ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant.
digital signage to optimize customer experience

4. Make it Seamless & Personal

  • Display event schedules on digital signs and meeting room signs.
  • Use interactive screens so people can explore on their own to find what they need.
  • Have tips for getting more info, traffic data, public transportation schedules, etc.
  • Use QR codes and short URLs so people can take info with them on their mobile devices.
  • Offer information in multiple languages, if appropriate.

5. Make Safety a Priority

  • Integrate your digital signs with an alert notification system.
  • Clearly display health and safety policies, and keep them updated.
  • Outline current protocols, such as mask requirements, social distancing, etc.
  • Use a space management system to show capacities for rooms, elevators and the like.
digital signage to optimize customer experience

6. Get Feedback & Adjust

  • Provide simple, user-friendly ways to get feedback.
  • Respond to suggestions or complaints quickly.
  • Follow up with all visitors to thank them for their visit and encourage their return.
  • Make adjustments as needed to continue optimizing customer experience.

Whenever a customer or client interacts with your organization and brand, they form opinions about it. You need to make sure their CX (customer experience or client experience) is a good one, nurturing a relationship that will grow into loyalty and maybe even make them brand ambassadors for you.

Take these steps to develop positive emotions, reduce the effort needed to interact with your brand, and have a satisfactory, successful engagement at every stage and level of their dealings with you.

Here are 10 key points to optimize customer experience:

digital signage to optimize customer experience

1. Have a CX Vision

Make a comprehensive customer experience strategy a priority, and be sure it covers every level and every contact they’ll have with your organization. Decide what you want your customers to feel before, during and after their interactions with you, and make sure everyone in your team is on board.

2. Learn Who They Are

Do research to find out who your clients are. This includes demographics such as age, sex and location, but also interests and visitor or buying patterns. Align yourself with things they find important. If some are non-native English speakers, offer multilingual options for interactions.

3. Make It Easy

Make things fast and flexible for customers by optimizing interfaces and allow them choices. Increase self-service options whenever possible with things like touchscreens and interactive wayfinding. Display information in a straightforward, clear, and concise way.

digital signage to optimize customer experience

4. Engage Emotions

Facts are great but also try to reach people on an emotional level in your branding. How people feel about your organization is really what customer experience is all about in the long run. And don’t be afraid to be funny. Use digital signage to reinforce your messaging when they’re on site.

5. Let Metrics Guide You

Gather and analyze data before, during and after each interaction. The more you know, the better you can serve your customers, and the faster you can respond to developments or trends.

6. Be Supportive

A clean, efficient support system is vital for any organization that deals with the public. Issues will certainly arise, but it’s how you deal with them that matters. People should walk away from a support interaction feeling like they were heard and understood, and that the solutions offered are appropriate to them and their situation.

7. Incentivize with a Loyalty Program

These have been around for decades but they’re still extremely effective. People feel like they’re part of an exclusive club, and will form a more lasting bond with your brand. It’s also a form of gamification as people try to get that 10th latte so they can get a free one. Make the process of joining easily with as few steps as possible, and communicate benefits regularly.

digital signage to optimize customer experience

8. Increase Efficiencies with AI

AI and machine-learning apps allow for a more personalized and consistent customer experience, which will always be perceived in a positive light. The experience needs to be seamless across all channels, and AI is perfect for this since it quickly recognizes patterns, and can adapt on the fly to each customer in real time.

9. Don’t Forget the Digital World

Monitor not only your own digital offerings but how others respond to your brand on the web and social media. Pay special attention to customer reviews and make sure you address any negative ones as fast as possible. Thanking people for positive feedback also goes a long way.

And keep abreast of developments in emerging technologies like, VUI, AR and VR. Consider when it might be the right time for you to experiment with them.

10. Create a Feedback Loop

Solicit feedback regularly, evaluate it, act on it, and repeat the whole cycle. A relationship is dynamic, not static, and you should constantly be trying to improve your relationship with each customer in a way they recognize and respond to. Follow up on any problems quickly, comprehensively and efficiently.

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