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12 Uses Of digital signage ubuntu.

12 Uses Of digital signage ubuntu. - Table of contents:

Ubuntu is an open source, free Linux distribution that works well for digital signage solutions. It is a great choice for cloud computing due to its wide support for OpenStack and other technologies. Developed by Canonical, Ubuntu is easy to install and available at no cost to users.

With the ability to install applications, stream media, and store data, digital signage Ubuntu solutions can be adapted to any type of business.

Ubuntu comes with a release cycle of six months which makes the updates very frequent. Also, Ubuntu comes with free support for nine months, and long-term support (LTS) is released every two years. 2004 marked the introduction of the first release of Ubuntu, and the latest release is 18.10 (Cosmic Cuttlefish). You can avail of any of the Ubuntu available editions such as the Desktop edition, server edition, and core edition.

digital signage ubuntu

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is an ideal choice when it comes to setting up and running digital signage. It’s a Linux-based operating system from Canonical Ltd., derived from Debian and designed for use on smartphones, computers, and network servers. Ubuntu has gained popularity for its unique features and high level of reliability thanks to Canonical’s backing. When it comes to Android digital signage, Ubuntu offers a user-friendly experience that can be easily deployed on all of your devices.

digital signage ubuntu

Top 12 Uses of digital signage ubuntu.

1. Free of Cost

Downloading and installing Ubuntu is free, and costs only time to install it. One can just download it from the internet or can create an ISO bootable disk, and after it, the environment is ready to launch. With the help of Ubuntu, one can revive old, unused, or low-performance computer systems without any investment. Also, troubleshooting does not cause any penny. And one can do this with the help of the Linux environment.

It also consists of its own Office suite, named LibreOffice. This prevents our pockets by not letting us purchase costly licensed suites such as MS Office and others.

2. Privacy

In comparison to Windows, Ubuntu provides a better option for privacy and security. The best advantage of having Ubuntu is that we can acquire the required privacy and additional security without having any third-party solution. The Risk of hacking and various other attacks can be minimized by using this distribution.

3. Working with Partitions of hard drives

Linux live CD and Gparted enable the division of the hard disk into partitions. This feature is also applicable when your system is a dual or triple boot. Otherwise, the partition is helpful in migration to a solid-state drive or a more spacious drive. Apart from this, wiping of data can be easily done in Ubuntu.

4. Free Apps

Ubuntu provides a lot of free apps to explore the world of opportunities, refreshments, and enjoyment. Some commonly used applications are- Spotify, Skype, Firefox, Slack, PyCharm, Atom, VLC , Telegram etc.

5. User-Friendly

Ubuntu is as easy as the Windows operating system. There is a well-known myth about Ubuntu is that Ubuntu is developed for developers and coders only. But the actual fact is, Ubuntu is a beautiful desktop operating system and can be used by any common computer user.

6. Accessibility

Another great feature of Ubuntu is its ease of use. The user can easily work with various CMS of PHP such as Laravel, Magneto, WordPress, and many more. Apart from PHP, Ruby, Java, and Python can easily be implemented in Ubuntu. Users experience a beautiful design desktop while accessing Ubuntu that is quite easy and efficient to use.

7. Home Automation

Little knowledge of Linux and a minicomputer such as Raspberry Pi, is all to create small home automation gadgets. One click or press or hold enables various devices and systems of your house to run automatically without human intervention.

8. Say Bye to Antivirus

The Risk of having a virus or malware is minimal, which reduces the cost of anti-virus software. Antivirus is also a reason for the slowness of the computer system and affects performance badly. Also, this may cause the system to not function efficiently. Apart from this issue, anti-virus also acquires a lot of space in our system. But with Ubuntu, all these risks and problems can be neglected in an affordable manner.

9. Say Bye to Pirated Software

As stated, It is free, this also includes a lot of free software embedded with the system. However, some windows based programs require alternate options such as virtual machines because it creates compatibility issues in Linux-based servers. Access to official software, not only provides security and prevents bugs, but it also saves money that is going to be spent on purchasing pirated software.

10. Free games

A compatibility layer, commonly known as WINE is the most popular program used to run windows based games and applications on Linux-based operating systems. Many games from the distribution are open source and hence do not require any extra cost to install in our system.

11. PC performance

The Performance of a system depends on what kind of usage is. For example, if the system is used for coding, designing, testing issues or for business purposes, or for just simply use of a computer system, It is recommended. Some reasons behind this are, Ubuntu boots faster than Windows, gets less infected, and provides various free-of-cost IDEs. Otherwise, if gaming purpose is considered, Windows and MAC are way ahead of Ubuntu.

12. Free upgrades

All the upgrades provided by Ubuntu are free of cost. And they are released every six months. Upgrades are installed automatically but only with user permission and user are aware of installation. And while installing, the user does not need to bother losing data or redoing it. Distribution is capable of handling the system well.

digital signage ubuntu


Ubuntu is a great choice for digital signage solutions. It is an open-source operating system that can be downloaded and installed easily, and is free of cost. This Linux distribution is derived from Debian and thus offers similar functionalities, combined with a variety of different features making it more attractive to users than other operating systems. Digital signage solutions on Ubuntu offer a wide range of benefits for everyday users as well as developers.

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Firstly the main difference between Ubuntu and Linux is that Linux is a free and open-source operating system based on the Unix kernel. While Ubuntu is just a distribution of Linux. This is the core difference between these two systems. However, there are still some disparities that exist between Ubuntu and Linux.
Ubuntu is known to be more secure when compared to Windows. This is primarily because the number of users using Ubuntu is far lesser as compared to that of Windows. This ensures that the damage in terms of viruses or damaging software is less as the main motive of attackers is to affect number of computers.