Digital signage with face detection

Digital signage with face detection helps improve the shopping experience

Digital signage with face detection helps improve the shopping experience - Table of contents:

The retail industry is extremely challenging due to fast-changing consumer behavior. Traditional business models are no longer able to fulfill customer satisfaction. Today, Retailers are getting Digital signage with face detection to improve the shopping experience.

Over the years, the application of digital signage has revolutionized the retail industry. Digital signage has a higher recall rate. It can capture more views than traditional displays such as posters and banners. However, as more and more digital signages are put to use in the retail industry, some retailers quickly realize the limitations of their digital signages.

Let’s discuss using digital signage with facial detection in the retail business.

Digital signage with face detection

What is face detection?

Face detection is a technology that uses machine learning techniques and algorithms to find human faces within a captured video.

There are several methods that a face detection system can use to locate faces. One of the most common methods used is to separate facial regions from non-facial regions and the static background. In short, the system is taught to find facial features such as eyes, nose, and mouth.

Limitations of digital signage

As more and more digital signages are utilized in the retail industry, some retailers realize that customers are getting used to seeing digital content in retail stores. It is becoming harder to attract customers.

In addition, measuring and calculating digital signage ROI can be very difficult. Retail business owners need to evaluate their campaigns’ effectiveness by looking at the return on investment. Besides, retailers are also constantly looking for ways to collect valuable customer data such as gender, age, and the time spent in looking at digital signages.

Digital signage with face detection

Audience measurement

The integration of digital signage and face detection technology offers huge benefits to retail business owners. Audience measurement is one of the benefits.

Audience measurement solution helps to explore and collect measurement data on how viewers interact with the digital signage. With the aid of the face detection system and the camera, the solution can determine the number of viewers, the number of passersby, the total time spent in viewing the content, and other useful information. What is even better is that the solution can group these data by age and gender.

By installing and using an analytics tool, retail business owners can access and gain valuable insight out of the data. For example, a retailer can identify messages that have the shortest dwell time. He can then decide whether to optimize the messages or remove them from the campaign.

In short, digital signage with face detection helps retailers to understand more about their customers and track the effectiveness of their digital signage campaigns.

Digital signage with face detection

Content optimization

Another benefit of using face detection technology is content optimization. Since digital signage with the face detection feature can identify the gender and age group of viewers, retailers can now deliver highly personalized messages in real-time.

Imagine you are the owner of a large shoe retail store that sells all kinds of shoes. There is digital signage in your store. You have no idea whether to display the promo video of men’s leather shoes, high heels or kids footwear.

By using the face detection system, your digital signage can display the promo video of high heels when a female customer is looking at the screen, and it can also switch to the promo video of men’s leather shoes when there is a male customer.

Digital signage with face detection

Privacy concern

Any application or system that collects personal and private data can always freak people out. First, we need to understand the difference between facial detection and facial recognition.

Facial detection is used to identify facial features that can help to tell demographic characteristics such as gender and age. Facial detection cannot tell the identity of the person involved. Once the characteristics are identified, the system will store only the data which will then be used by businesses to understand their customers. The system will not store any personal data.

On the other hand, the application of facial recognition is more sensitive because it can tell the identity of the captured person if there is a match with database data.
No matter which application is used, business owners should use the collected data only to benefit their customers. Pay attention to any regulation imposed in your country or state that may limit the use of facial detection in public spaces.

Digital signage with face detection

Digital signage with face detection helps

While technology is evolving faster than ever, retail businesses should adapt to change quickly by implementing digital business strategies. Although the future of the facial detection application remains murky due to privacy concerns, we cannot deny the fact that digital signage with a face detection feature can help to improve the retail shopping experience.

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