Digital Menu Boards

An increasing number of restaurants and bars are turning to Digital Menu Boards because they offer a vibrant, engaging experience. Digital Menu Boards Simplify the restaurant ordering process so that the restaurant can better serve more guests, while effectively reducing the waiting time of customers, thereby increasing the transaction volume without increasing the number of employees. Users can use a more prominent Digital Menu Boards to show new products. The best way to attract attention is to use digital Menu Boards to display those dishes.

Shiningltd offers Digital Signage solutions including Digital Menu Boards to QSRs, fast food restaurants, cafes, delis. This includes displays, players, software, menu design. And never worry about printing mistakes with traditional boring menu cards or updating the price on a regular basis. Shiningltd’s Digital Menu Boards takes care of your unnecessary spending, reduce the cost and enhance the look of the restaurant. It helps to drive your revenue up as well as entertain the customer while in the queue.

Restaurants and QSRs are one of the prime venues for Digital Signage. This industry is seeing explosive growth in moving to Digital Menus. These not only rival the cost of static menus over the course of time but it has also shown to lift sales. They attract traffic, are easier to manage, faster to update and so much more attractive than boring old static menus. Moving to Digital Menu Boards is just the natural next step for Restaurants and especially for Quick Service Restaurants.

Shiningltd has expert knowledge and experience in providing digital menu solutions to the foodservice industry. Our solution is composed of digital menu displays, digital menu players, the digital menu software. With our Signage Solution, you can manage all your Digital Menu Board from single or multiple locations over the internet. Shiningltd has extensive industry experience.


  • Video content may be updated remotely from a corporate location to promote specials, adjust pricing, and announce incentives.
  • Grab your customer’s attention before they walk past your restaurant with bright, vivid, dynamic video content. Change things up throughout the day to highlight different breakfast, lunch, and dinner specials.
  • Shiningltd’s Indoor Series is not only the thinnest in the industry, but it is also IP5X rated to provide resistance to air contaminants, such as cooking oil and dust.
  • Shiningltd LCDs may be integrated into self-serve kiosks for interactive ordering and payment, providing a user-friendly experience for your customers and reducing the need for counter staff.


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Digital Menu Boards


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