Embedded smart advertising display can be installed in passenger cars, ships, trains, aircrafts and taxis by embedding, hanging, and wall hanging mode;it has a large storage capacity, good playback effect, and convenient and wide-ranging replacement content.The broadcast time and content sequence can be arbitrarily set and changed, with the characteristics of ease of use, and can be completed detailed statistics on advertisements broadcast on the occasion at the same time. Full digital playback, no mechanical wear, good vibration resistance, is widely used as ideal alternative to a hard disk or disc player for now.

The advertising display has a variety of functions, you can customize the playlist; set up the own choosed advertising content;Customize the play time to achieve regular play of advertising content; support remote control of each play channel’s play,suspend, stop, replay, previous program, next program, fast forward, rewind and other control operations; with words.The screen has scrooling reminder function;can display the major news and government public notices in scrolling mode on the day.

Embedded advertising display is widely used in the field of multimedia advertising industry, configured in hotels, guesthouses, shopping malls,supermarkets, chain stores, specialty stores, product showcases, window counters, buses, coaches, municipal lights, engineering,trains, ships, airplanes and other public places and entertainment venues and transport use. More Product information, please contact us!

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