Information display of schools and training institutions

We offer Digital Signage solutions for Colleges/Universities where students, teachers, and visitors are kept informed about school or college events, provide maps for directions, show schedules for meetings and display school policies. Content could be updated frequently with presentations informing students and visitors about residential blocks, athletic events, college grants, and financial aid news and updates.

Students more often spend all day in big buildings or campus, looking always for information about courses, classrooms and also entertainment (events and concerts). Digital Signage for schools is an important instrument for distributing everyday information to all the people who attend school, university or campus, such as students, teachers, janitors, parents, and visitors. Mass communication in colleges can be used to alert students and staff to climate changes, emergency services and rules of conduct in case of evacuation. Also in this environment, the most comprehensive solution for digital signage is multimedia all in one information display.

The multimedia all in one information display is mainly applied in school and training institutions integrates infrared touch technology, intelligent office teaching software, multimedia network communication technology, high-definition flat panel display technology, etc., and integrates electronic whiteboards, computers, and televisions.

Multimedia all in one information display, which integrates various devices such as touch function, etc., will upgrade traditional display terminals into fully functional human-machine interaction devices. Through this product, users can achieve writing, annotation, drawing, multimedia entertainment, and computer operations, directly turn on the device to easily interpret the wonderful interactive classroom.

At the same time, Multimedia all in one information display can also be applied to various business conference rooms. It is easy to operate, easy to control, and greatly improves the utilization of the equipment.


  • Campus institutional videos
  • School Magazine with students articles, images, and home-videos
  • Real-time messages about emergency maintenances, transportation status
  • Electronic register where taking attendance and showing test marks
  • Student notice board
  • Social Networks interaction (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, …)
  • Time table of daily/weekly/monthly lessons and indications of classrooms
  • Slideshow of news, conferences, important appointments, and parties


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Information display of schools and training institutions


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