The wall mounted advertising player is a brand-new media concept. It is a professuibak multimedia audio-visual system to display commercial, financial and entertainment information through large-screen terminal display devices at public places where large-scale large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants and other people flow together. It is able to play advertisement information for a specific group of people at a specific physical location and for a specific period of time. Meanwhile, it may also perform statistics and recording of the playing time, number of times played, and playback range of the multimedia content, and may even realize interactive functions while playing , record the number of views, user residence time and other powerful features.

Wall mounted advertising player looks stylish and generous, front tempered glass mirror, aluminum frame, R & D designed by SHININGLTD. With low power consumption, using a wide viewing angle, high brightness industrial-grade LCD screen, support full HD, split screen video, pictures, text synchronized playback. Stand-alone solution, network solution and other options are for optional.. What we also aims to is help customers to realize value-increasing by providing professional OEM/ODM service. Thus, SHININGLTD’s digital signage & advertising system has been more and more popular all over the world.

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