In recent years, with the rapid development of informatization, e-government has become an important means for all levels of government in China and even all over the world, to achieve smooth and efficient performance of their duties. In the process of continuously improving government governance capabilities and service levels, the construction of “Internet + government services” has accelerated, and new technologies and products such as cloud computing, big data, and mobile Internet have been increasingly applied to the field of e-government. Problems such as availability, security, and reliability have become increasingly prominent.

The mobile standing information display kiosk produced & manufactured by SHINING has been favored and selected by more and more government agencies in recent years. It is not only because SHINING can provide professional hardware customization services, but also because of the durability, safety, and reliability of the high quality products. Front toughened glass, aluminum frame makes it strong and durable. A-class LCD screen, high-definition and high-brightness, full-angle anti-glare illumination, support 10 infrared touch, which makes it takes the advantages of fast response, space saving, easy realization of human-computer interaction and so on. It also supports kinds of OS such as Chrome OS, Windows, Mac and Linux,etc. Access the Internet through WiFi/WLAN ports with high privacy. Users can also select the file, video, and streaming media formats to be played through terminal operations.

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