Shopping malls have developed rapidly and have become an indispensable part of people’s lives since recent years. The application of advertising systems in shopping malls has become a beautiful landscape. Its interactive and intuitive nature not only shows a perfect shopping guide function, but also brings practical convenience to customers’ shopping.

Shining has been specializing in the production of digital signage and advertising solutions for over 13 years, including interactive advertising machines that are widely applied in shopping malls. Wall-mounted, floor standing, and coffee-table style etc are available. Usually provides stand-alone solution and network solution for optional. The display kiosk support for touch function. With a variety of playback modes: picture playback mode; video file playback mode; Flash animation playback mode; real-time display of the clock, calendar; instant text information (notifications, announcements, news, weather, holiday greetings, slogans and other rolling subtitles), it allows customers to more easily understand all the shopping-related promotions in the mall.


Shopping mall display