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    Schools, kindergartens and colleges are using digital signage kiosk or wall mount digital signage for issuing notices, information and announcements. Digital signage displays the screen on the head height of people, which proves that it attracts people’s attention more effectively than ever. Especially in reception or announcement, it makes visitors and teachers and students feel more welcome and better understand the situation.

    Digital signage display uses high quality images, text and video clips convey to everyone associated with the school, and all the information gets excellent display with sensory and visual color.

    Digital signage display can help students, teachers and visitors learn about school or college activities, provide way finding instructions, display meeting schedules and display school policies. The contents of the digital signage player can be updated regularly, including news and updates to students and visitors on way finding instructions, sports events, University Grants and financial assistance.


    Appearance and location

    The design of digital signage display is almost suitable for any environment in the school. The unique appearance of digital signage player gives the visitors a good first impression. Each digital signage kiosk can upgrade the mobile function. Its location is usually near the entrance or the position of the eye, giving the most possible influence to the staff. In the small area or the kindergarten area of the school, Wall mount digital signage is usually used for wall mounted panels. It will be installed neatly on the support on the wall. In restaurants, libraries, assembly hall, office area, sports center or learning center, etc., in the corridors and sidewalks, “digital signage player” will arouse the attention of students and staff, and then transmit various notices and information in a remarkable way.

    Improving communication

    Adding digital signage display to educational institutions is an excellent way to improve communication with students and teachers.

    With the progress of social communication technology, many traditional ways of communication between teachers and students have become increasingly ineffective. It has obviously been outdated and inefficient to announce school activities or notifications by using newspapers and lists.

    Nowadays, universities and schools are using digital signage display to communicate. Digital signage display forms these communication networks all over the public area, providing important links for school administrators, facilities and students.

    In fact, many schools have adopted such communication as the main reason for the implementation of digital signage display program. Digital signage display makes content management easier and more humanized by intuitionistic “seeing is what you get” interaction interface. In the field of education, more teachers and students are transformed into school management processes through interactive flow.

    What can digital signage display do for educational institutions?

    • More effective broadcasting announcements are available to teachers and students in the campus area, especially in key or high traffic areas, to find important announcements and campus information quickly.
    • With an interactive list of facilities, activities, digital signage display is connected to the school activity scheduling plan system. Digital signage display can be placed in a public area displaying the daily activities list, or set out outside each school facility to list the current or upcoming activities of the specific facility. This can save a lot of time and cost for the organizers.
    • Highlight the contributions of teachers and students, and show other information about schools. The digital signage display network is entirely dependent on the content. The content exhibits innovative, attractive and interactive emotions, so as to lead the cohesion of teachers and students in schools.
    • The digital signage display system not only provides effective school information interaction platform, but also provides additional revenue when working with suppliers and advertisers. It includes and is not limited to, menu display in restaurants, advertising display of graphic publishing companies, and integration of digital signage display exhibition space through other related dynamic advertisements.

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