Embrace the Power of Conference Room Tablets

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Embrace the Power of Conference Room Tablets

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it’s important for companies to stay current with technology. One of the ways businesses are achieving this is by implementing conference room tablet systems. With these innovative tools, workspace management has become more efficient than ever before. Employees can now collaborate more effectively in a shared office setting, thanks to the advanced features of conference room tablets. These devices empower workers to seamlessly keep track of their tasks while optimizing the use of meeting spaces.

It’s clear that conference room tablets have become an essential tool for businesses looking to enhance productivity, efficiency, and collaboration. Through seamless integration with a company’s room reservation system, employees can easily schedule and manage meetings with ease. As such, it’s important for all employees to have access to these pivotal devices. Overall, implementing conference room tablet systems has become an effective way to streamline workspace management and boost productivity in businesses of all sizes.

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What is conference room tablets

A technology configuration used in meeting or conference rooms to present information, encourage collaboration, and improve communication among participants is referred to as a conference room tabletsationing tablets outside of major meeting rooms remind employees to book time and appropriately interact with workspaces. Tablets also serve as a natural bridge between the digital booking system and the physical workspace.

Embrace the Power of Conference Room Tablets

The Advantage of Using A conference room tablets

1. Tablet booking is intuitive

In the era of smartphones and touch screens, tablets are an intuitive technology for most people. They instinctively tap, swipe, and pinch to access a wealth of features not possible on static booking screens.

Not only does this familiarity encourage employees to approach and use tablet booking systems, but it also encourages them to use them correctly. They’ll feel comfortable reserving rooms, scrolling ahead to see future bookings, checking room information, and even sending invites.

2. Tablet booking is habit-forming

The more comfortable employees become with room scheduling software, the more apt they are to make it part of their routine. The intuitive nature of tablets takes away the fear of using the software, thus enabling good habits to form. As they become more attuned to tablet booking, it becomes second nature to them.

This helps to promote a smooth-running workplace and gives facility managers accurate insight into space utilization through booking software. This then translates to better workplace design, based on a clear understanding of space usage habits.

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3. Easy Customization & Push Notification

There is a broad range of options for push alerts and other customization when using a meeting room display tablet for conference scheduling. This may have a significant impact on how and in what capacity employees engage with different settings.

4. Kiosk Mode

If only certain individuals within your organization can access the meeting scheduling system for the conference rooms, just change the tablets to kiosk mode. They will still be informative, but only certain actions are allowed on the device.

5. Central Management

You also won’t have to worry about extra staff, software, or servers to set up and run the tablets. When managing your meeting rooms with tablets, you will have access to all the features via a cloud-based application.

Embrace the Power of Conference Room Tablets

6. Save Time and Increase Productivity

Think about the resources that will be spared by the elimination of disrupted meetings and ghosted meeting rooms. With live time availability at a glance, employees can reserve rooms right from the display, saving time and encouraging spontaneous meetings.

Tablets give your employees the ability to view a room’s specifications, including available equipment such as a projector, whiteboard, TV, or conference phone.

7. Cross-platform compatibility

Room scheduling software is likely to run natively on tablets, which gives employees the power to utilize its full capabilities right from the tablet.

Beyond this, tablets can run cloud apps with relative ease, which means user action on the tablet can seamlessly sync to everything from workplace apps, to other integrated cloud apps, to an Integrated Workplace Management System. Tablets are an end-point in the room reservation ecosystem—often, the most-used one.

Embrace the Power of Conference Room Tablets


While some companies are content with using small screens or TVs to display room information outside of conference rooms, many are realizing that this simply isn’t enough. A more dynamic and interactive solution is needed, which is where conference room tablets come in. These specialized tablets offer a range of benefits that regular screens cannot match. From intuitive touch screen interfaces that allow users to easily book rooms and view schedules, to advanced analytics and reporting features that provide valuable insights into how meeting spaces are being used, conference room tablets are revolutionizing the way in which companies manage their meeting rooms. With these devices, businesses can enjoy improved efficiency, better collaboration, and ultimately, greater success.

If you’re moving to a booking-based system and want employees to use it accordingly, give them a reason to. Give them meeting room booking system tablet.

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The tablet is with POE function, and can be powered over Ethernet.
Recurring meetings are common in business settings. Therefore, the conference room tablets should be capable of scheduling recurring meetings with ease. This could either be achieved through native capabilities or via integration with your meeting scheduling software.
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