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FAQ of industrial panel pc and best industrial panel pc definition

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Curious about industrial panel PCs? This post provides a comprehensive FAQ section and defines the best industrial panel PC for your needs. Dive in and learn more!

What is industrial panel pc?

Industrial panel pc is a computer intended for industrial purposes, it is generally more expensive than consumer electronics. The host computer, liquid crystal display and touch screen are integrated into one. It has the characteristics of touch function, ruggedness, anti-vibration, wide temperature and rich I/O interface. It makes communication, transmission, input and receiving information between users and machines more convenient and fast. It can simplify work and improve efficiency. It is the best solution of human-machine interface. At present, industrial tablet computers have been widely used in self-service terminals, medical instruments, industrial control, automation equipment, telecommunications, power, network, rail transit and other fields.

How To Choose industrial panel pc?

Choosing suitable industrial panel pc can be considered from the following aspects:

Installation Mode, dimensions involved, panel structure, types of I/O signals and LCD screen display performance.

Correct cleaning methods for industrial panel pc’s screen

If the industrial panel pc is used for a long time, it is easy to absorb some dust and dirt. It is inevitable to clean up the industrial panel pc screen. The correct cleaning method should be adopted when cleaning: dip a little glass cleaner with soft fiber-free absorbent cotton or soft cloth, and gently wipe off the dust or dirt on the screen.

Temperature Adaptation Range of industrial panel pc’s Touch Screen

Capacitive touch screen uses contact sensor to make the conductor on the screen produce induced voltage, which generates relative current, and calculates the touch point by distance. In low temperature environment, low moisture content and poor conductivity on the skin surface of the palm affect the performance of the sensor, resulting in the failure touch of industrial panel pc to identify the touch position. The working temperature of capacitive touch screen is usually – 5°C – 60°C. If it is used in a low temperature environment, it is easy to be affected. Compared with capacitive touch screen, temperature has less effect on resistive touch screen. Because of the different technology, the temperature has little effect on the micro-circuit on the touch screen. In addition, the technology level of resistance touch screen is more mature, and the material used can stand the test. The working temperature of the resistive touch screen should be between – 20°C and 65°C, which can satisfy most of the working environment. The precision of the infrared touch screen is completely free from the interference of current, voltage and static electricity. The infrared touch screen is suitable for various light pollution environmental conditions. However, the infrared touch screen is vulnerable to damage and aging due to its single sensor, and the touch interface can not withstand non-interference, destructive, complex maintenance and so on. The static electricity generated by infrared touch screen in low temperature environment is easy to absorb dust, which affects the use of industrial panel pc.

Brief Introduction of industrial panel pc Interface

VGA interface is the most common type of display interface. The full name of VGA is Video Graphics Array, meaning “Video Graphics Array”

DVI interface is a kind of professional display interface. The full name of DVI is Digital Visual Interface.

HDMI interface is the most widely used display interface at present. The full name of HDMI is High Definition Multimedia Interface.

VIDEO interface, also known as AV interface (AV refers Audio and Video), or Composite Video connector. 

S terminal, its full name is Separate Video, or SUPER VIDEO. 

DP interface, the full name is Display Port, is a high-definition digital display interface.

There are often multiple display interfaces on industrial panel pc to support signals from various devices.

How to measure screen brightness of industrial panel pc?

After the backlight is on for 30 minutes, measure the brightness in the full white state.

Is the front surface of industrial panel pc screen vulnerable to scratch?

The hardness of the front surface of the LCD screen is generally Mohs’ 7H, which is not easy to be scratched with sharp tools.

What Is Main Application Areas of industrial panel pc?

1. Industrial production application: The industrial panel pc can be embedded in the machine, cabinet or placed on the operating table to display the operation interface.

2. Digital hospital: The industrial panel pc is used as service terminal in patient’s room to improve the service and management ability of hospital.

3. industrial panel pc also widely used in telecommunications, power, multimedia, national defense, automation equipment, manufacturing and other fields, as man-machine interface, end-user terminal, control terminal, etc.

4. Public service fields: Banks, shopping malls, hotels, railway stations, buses, subway stations, parks and other public places as media (advertising) broadcasters or inquiry terminals, elevators in residential areas, public places, commercial office buildings and other national advertising machines;

5. industrial panel pc also can be used as home service terminal in high-end districts to realize intercommunication, message, cost inquiry, commodity ordering, household appliances management, temperature and humidity control, etc.

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