Features of Outdoor Monitors

From Brightness to Durability: Uncover the Must-Have Features of Outdoor Monitors

Outdoor digital signage has taken the advertising industry by storm, experiencing an impressive growth rate that far outpaces that of traditional media options. The holiday season is a prime time for these innovative LCD advertising displays, as they can be seen virtually everywhere, from bustling bus stops and front-of-house hotels to high-end shopping malls, bustling subways, and popular cinemas. Major shopping hubs, in particular, are increasingly integrating outdoor digital signage into their marketing strategies, recognizing the significant opportunities for growth they offer. The truth is that outdoor monitors simply outshine other products in the same field with their superior image clarity and boast a higher investment return rate as well. Moreover, they have an incredibly versatile range of applications and unbeatable visual impact that other products simply cannot match. It’s clear that with the ongoing increase in demand for digital signage, the future looks bright for outdoor monitors as a tried and true tool for reaching large and diverse audiences.

Product Introduction

1. Appearance design

The IP66 Series outdoor monitor is a game-changer. Its lightweight fully enclosed body, along with its sleek modern design ensures that this monitor is practical, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing in any outdoor setting. The symmetrical design gives a balanced visual effect, while the 26mm narrow frame gives an occupancy rate that reaches up to 90%, which means an experience similar to that of a normal splicing screen, but with a fraction of the bulk and size.

The development of outdoor display screens has moved towards lighter, more fashionable products. The IP66 series is only 85mm thick, challenging the traditional notion that high brightness means heaviness. It is practical, efficient, and stylish, making it easy to transport, move and install. Similar products currently have over 100mm thickness and 40mm borders, which increase equipment packaging size and weight, driving up shipping costs passed on to the end-purchaser. Save time, money, and space with the IP66 series Outdoor Monitor.

Features of Outdoor Monitors

2. Precision craftsmanship and innovative design

The IP66 display is an exceptional piece of technology that has been built with utmost precision and care. The innovative design of the display has resulted in a stunningly crafted product that is sure to impress. The ultra-thin aluminum profile frame is one of its outstanding features, adding to its sleek appearance. This frame has been coated with high-quality fine sand black treatment, making it glossy and durable, perfect for outdoor use.

What’s more, this display has an aluminum backplate that is 1.5mm thick. This ensures both heat dissipation and backlighting, which are essential for longer usage. The middle frame design of the display is unique, keeping the LCD glass in one plane, eliminating any LCD glass lines, out-of-band display, or black screens. This modularized design includes excellent heat dissipation, with aluminum comprising over 98% of its total material used. This has reduced the weight of the display by a significant 50%.

To conclude, this IP66 display is the result of superior design and precise craftsmanship. It is durable, efficient, and built to last.

Features of Outdoor Monitors

3. Size and Style

The revolutionary outdoor display unit is an exceptional innovation designed with the primary aim of providing simplicity at its best. Its remarkable features include standard installation holes that offer effortless setup, regardless of the terrain. This outdoor display unit offers immense flexibility during installation. It can be placed on the ground, hung, or mounted on a wall. It fits perfectly in different environments, making it a multi-faceted solution for an array of applications.

Developed extensively and boasting an IP66 rating, this marvel of technology is ideal for both commercial and personal use. It has the capability to revolutionize outdoor advertising with its exceptional design options and provides an exciting opportunity to captivate your audience with dynamic displays. The Outdoor Monitor’s ability to unlock new possibilities in creative displays is unparalleled in creating a visual impact, catapulting your advertising campaign to the next level.

Features of Outdoor Monitors

4. Outstanding details

The Outdoor Monitor is an exceptional display designed to bring your visuals to life! With so many features that make it stand out, this monitor is perfect for those who want an immersive visual experience. The ultra-narrow border is one standout feature that enhances the visual appeal of this device.

Unlike other monitors with physical borders that interrupt the viewer’s experience, the narrow border design of the Outdoor Monitor is minimally intrusive. This gives you a chance to enjoy uninterrupted visuals. The screen ratio is also designed to provide a more immersive experience, enabling you to enjoy large screen walls that transport you to another place entirely. The simplistic yet sophisticated design of the monitor makes it perfect for entertainment environments where versatility and exceptional visuals are essential. If you want a monitor that is visually appealing and versatile, then the Outdoor Monitor is the perfect choice for you!

Features of Outdoor Monitors
Features of Outdoor Monitors

Outdoor Monitor Features and Benefits

1. Ultra high brightness

If you are considering investing in an outdoor display screen, it is important to bear in mind that if it doesn’t have sufficiently high brightness, it may not effectively capture people’s attention as they walk by. This is particularly true in direct sunlight, where insufficient brightness may cause the screen to appear gray and dull, ultimately reducing its impact on potential customers.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. To ensure that you get the most out of your outdoor advertising machine, it is vital to invest in a screen with ultra-high brightness and high-definition image quality. The IP66 series Outdoor Monitor, for example, boasts an impressive brightness of 3000-5000nits, which is more than twice that of conventional displays. Not only does this ensure that your screen is visible and eye-catching in even the brightest outdoor environments, but it also means that your content will be smooth, richly detailed, and mesmerizingly vibrant. For those looking to attract customers and clearly convey information, high brightness and high-definition image quality are the future of outdoor advertising screens.

Features of Outdoor Monitors

2. Complete set of independently developed backlight plastic molds.

This particular product delivers a highly complete set of independently developed backlight plastic molds, which work in tandem with unique plastic corners that expertly account for thermal expansion and contraction. These specialized corners offer a unique level of protection against potential product displacement while simultaneously ensuring that the product can adapt to an incredibly diverse array of environments.

Additionally, the buckle itself serves as a vital protector of the COF and stands ready to expertly disperse any stress that may occur should the front frame of the product take a hit. To further emphasize this product’s incredible durability, it is worth noting that the number of thimbles contained within it has been increased an astonishing four times.

This impressive level of safeguarding ensures the uniformity of the backlight material and glass. Compared to other similar products that lack such essential corners and buckles, the superior level of reliability and stability offered by this product makes it a truly standout option for anyone in need of increased product longevity and protection.

Features of Outdoor Monitors

3. IP66 protection level

The Outdoor Monitor is an exceptional device that stands out for its outstanding features. It is built with top-notch manufacturing techniques that provide it with the flexibility to work in unpredictable surroundings. The device comes with advanced heat dissipation techniques that enable it to work efficiently even in harsh environments, making it the perfect outdoor monitoring solution for almost all weather conditions.

In addition, the device is crafted using high-quality aluminum alloys, making it extremely durable and capable of withstanding high temperatures, humidity, salt mist, and low-temperature conditions with ease. Furthermore, the IP66 protection level means the device is waterproof, dustproof, sunscreen-resistant, anti-corrosive, and anti-theft.

Notably, with aviation-grade plugs that connect the exposed interfaces seamlessly, connecting the device is a breeze, further enhancing its functionality. Therefore, when you need reliable outdoor monitoring capabilities, whether on the coast or in any other challenging environments, the Outdoor Monitor is the ultimate solution.

Features of Outdoor Monitors
Features of Outdoor Monitors

4. High temperature resistance

The Outdoor Media Monitor boasts high-temperature resistance due to its industrial LCD glass. This glass can withstand temperatures up to 110℃ without producing black spots or defects, even under direct sunlight. In contrast, conventional screens have a temperature resistance of up to only 65℃, making the Outdoor Media Monitor an ideal solution for those looking for a display that can endure extreme temperatures and harsh outdoor conditions. It can display clear images even in high-temperature environments, making it a reliable option for outdoor advertising and digital signage applications. With this feature, the Outdoor Media Monitor ensures that businesses can effectively communicate their message to their target audience, regardless of the weather or environmental conditions.

Features of Outdoor Monitors

5. Unique uniform temperature active cooling system, with more stable performance.

The Outdoor Monitor boasts a unique uniformly distributed temperature with an active cooling system ensuring stable performance. The advanced system allows for even temperature distribution, eliminating heat accumulation in certain areas and preventing local high temperatures. The monitor’s body is made of high-quality aluminum, which permits the speedy export of heat generated by the machine to minimize the use of fans or fanless heat dissipation technology.

Therefore, the Outdoor Monitor has a more stable performance than similar products on the market. This innovative cooling system ensures that the monitor operates best at optimal temperatures, ensuring reliability and longevity. With minimal fan noise and improved general operation, the Outdoor Monitor is the perfect choice for outdoor applications or any situation that calls for reliable and efficient temperature management.

6. Independently developed centralized control motherboard

The device features an independently developed centralized control motherboard that enhances stability and reduces noise interference. The fan is activated only when the temperature of the outdoor monitor reaches 40 degrees Celsius, effectively minimizing noise disruptions. Moreover, when the temperature surpasses 65 degrees Celsius, the input power is immediately reduced to 70% to manage the heat generated by the backlight. Importantly, the device stabilizes sustainably as the input power returns to normal when the temperature drops, preventing the screen from blacking out. With enhanced stability, the device can operate in standby mode, where both the power supply and the central control motherboard remain active. Therefore, even if the temperature exceeds predetermined levels, the device will continue to operate efficiently.

Features of Outdoor Monitors

7. Tempered protective glass (IK10 grade) and use of waterproof outdoor speakers

Tempered protective glass with an IK10 rating is a highly durable solution for outdoor environments that ensures the safety of equipment like speakers, cameras, and displays. The glass is made by tempering and etching processes to make it resistant to impacts, scratches, and extreme weather conditions. Tempered protective glass screens are particularly well-suited for public spaces, sports arenas, and the exterior of retail outlets. Moreover, The waterproof rating of outdoor speakers typically ranges between IP67 and IP68, indicating their capability of withstanding water and dust exposure while still working at optimal efficiency. The sound quality of waterproof outdoor speakers is superior to standard speakers, making them excellent for outdoor music events, sports, and other public gatherings.

8. Intelligent multifunctional

The intelligent multifunctional feature allows for an outdoor touchscreen that enables interactive transactions. This feature adds a level of convenience and ease for users to access promotions, engage in touch interactions, and use intelligent recognition to enhance their experience. The touchscreen adapts to various usage scenarios to meet the digitization and intelligence needs of people. The intelligent multifunctional feature is perfect for those who prioritize convenience and practicality. By incorporating this feature, customers can enjoy a seamless and effortless transaction experience, while businesses can benefit from increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Ultimately, the intelligent multifunctional touchscreen adds value to users’ lives and improves business operations by providing a versatile and innovative digital platform for interactions.

Features of Outdoor Monitors

9. Automatic photosensitivity

Automatic photosensitive technology greatly improves the user experience by ensuring comfortable and appropriate lighting levels at all times. Instead of relying on manual adjustments or using a fixed setting, intelligent algorithms gradually adjust the brightness according to the ambient light conditions. This not only saves power but also prevents visual fatigue caused by inadequate lighting. The process is smooth and gradual, taking approximately five seconds to transition between brightness levels, rather than a sudden jarring change that can be uncomfortable for users. Unlike other photosensitive devices that rely on a “mutation” mode and cause eye strain and overload the motherboard and power supply, this technology is efficient and effective in managing display brightness.

Features of Outdoor Monitors

10. Packaging protection

The product is packed carefully in a box made of honeycomb material that is strong and reliable, which makes it less likely to get damaged during shipping. To make sure it’s extra safe, we also put it inside a wooden box that meets export standards. This dual protection adds an extra layer of protection against things like changes in temperature, moisture, and other things that might hurt the product. The dual protection means that there’s more than one layer keeping it safe, so it’s incredibly unlikely to get damaged during shipping. With this kind of packaging, customers don’t need to worry about their product being damaged during shipping and can start using or selling it right away.

Features of Outdoor Monitors

Outdoor Monitors Solution

  • The appearance is simple and fashionable, ultra-thin, and beautiful, making the device more stylish.
  • The ultra-high brightness results in a more dazzling display effect.
  • The image quality is clear with high contrast and color saturation.
  • The super-strong timed on/off function eliminates the need for dedicated personnel to be on duty. This enables the user to remotely close the internal screen separately according to their needs.
  • The device supports split-screen and multi-template displays, allowing for multiple formats to play on one screen.
  • It supports hierarchical authorization for information publishing.
  • The device supports USB and network uploads and updates of playback content, which are convenient and fast.
Features of Outdoor Monitors

Appendix: 32 inch IP66 series outdoor monitor specifications

32inch IP66 series Outdoor Monitor Specification
LCD Panel Parameters Display Technology Active Matrix TFT-LCD With LED Backlight
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Active Display Area (W × H) 698.4(H) × 392.85 (V)
Native Resolution 1920(H) × 1080(V)
Response Time (Typ.) 15ms
Display Colors 16.7M , (8bits True)
Luminance (Typ.) 3000 nits
Contrast Ratio (Typ.) 1200:1
Viewing Angle (Typ.) Horizontal (left/right) CR≥10 89°/89°
Vertical (up/down) CR≥10 89°/89°
Touch Screen Parameters Touch Technology Projected Capacitive (P-Cap)
Surface Treatment Tempered Strengthened
Optional: Anti-Glare, Antimicrobial
Active Area 698.4(H) × 392.85 (V)
Thickness(Total) 5.0mm
Light Transmission ≥83%
Response Time ≤8ms
Touch Screen Interface USB-B
Touch Point 10
Overall Parameters Case/Bezel Color ABS Frame +All-aluminum construction , Black bezel
Net Weight Product net weight:16.45KG ; packing weight :4.8KG
Outline Dimension (W×H×D) Product:750.8× 445.4 × 85mm, packing size:1130× 200× 710mm
Power Supply Input voltage-DC: 12V/4A, Φ2.1mm
On Screen Display (OSD) Menu, Up, Down, Select, Power
I/O VGA & HDMI , USB (Type B), Audio, DC
Power Consumption Display only: ≤120W
Operating voltage AC 220V/50Hz
Temperature Operating: -20℃ to 55℃; storage ::-40℃ to 60℃
Humidity (non-condensing) Operating: 5% to 95%
Protection IP66 (Front)/IP66 (Overall)
Accessories Cables: HDMI(1.5m)×1, USB-B(1.5m)×1, Power Cord(1.5m) ×1, Adopter ×1
Warranty 1 years
Carton Box Dimensions 500 × 130 × 442mm (1 units in one carton) Weight Net: 16.5kg Gross: 21.5kg

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The IP66 Series Outdoor Monitor is practical, easy to use, and stylish. Its narrow frame has an occupancy rate that reaches up to 90%, similar to a normal splicing screen, but with a fraction of the size. Its development has moved towards lighter and more fashionable products, challenging the traditional notion that high brightness means heaviness. Its practicality, efficiency, and style make it easy to transport, move, and install.
Similar products currently have over 100mm thickness and 40mm borders, which increase equipment packaging size and weight, driving up shipping costs that are passed on to the end-purchaser. In contrast, the IP66 Series Outdoor Monitor is only 85mm thick, making it practical, efficient, stylish, and more cost-effective.

This innovative cooling system ensures that the monitor operates best at optimal temperatures, ensuring reliability and longevity. With minimal fan noise and improved general operation, the Outdoor Monitor is the perfect choice for outdoor applications or any situation that calls for reliable and efficient temperature management.