Freestanding Digital Kiosks

Pros and Cos Of Using Freestanding Digital Kiosks In Your Business

The freestanding digital kiosk has been used for different purposes such as a Wayfinding kiosk, an Information kiosk, a Check-in kiosk, a Survey kiosk, and a Lobby kiosk. However, its functionality does not end here. Because this computer kiosk has been so amazingly flexible, many hospitals, churches, malls, restaurants, and other industries rely on its flexibility.

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What is a Freestanding Digital Kiosks?

The freestanding digital kiosk is a perfect blend of form and function. Known as the most flexible touchscreen kiosk machine available on the market today, this interactive kiosk is sleek, elegant, and distinct. With a slight angle inward and then outward, a freestanding digital kiosk leads to an incredibly ergonomic experience for your visitors at the kiosk machine.

Freestanding digital kiosks can be fitted with printers, scanners, wheels, and a wide range of other options VirtuBox offers for flexibility, functionality, and customization.

Freestanding Digital Kiosks

Pros Of Freestanding Digital Kiosk

Reduce Business Costs

One of the most significant benefits of freestanding digital kiosks is that you can save money by not hiring a large customer service team. Doing so will allow your employees to focus their attention on all those tasks that play a crucial role in your operation. This device will act as a substitute for an employee saving you money you would otherwise spend hiring an employee.

Freestanding Digital Kiosks

Improves Connectivity

Most freestanding digital kiosks are connected to cloud-based servers, which signifies they can be accessed remotely, allowing new content to be loaded, software to be updated, and trouble-shooting to be managed without ever touching the device. Once the kiosk is set up, it can be maintained without any hassle.

Enhances Employee Satisfaction

Freestanding digital kiosks will give a boost to job satisfaction among your employees by eliminating the cumbersome tasks that your workers usually perform.

People who help your company function at peak efficiency can focus on areas where they can prove to be more beneficial. Keep in mind that enhanced job satisfaction leads to satisfied employees; thus, increasing the efficiency of your company.

Freestanding Digital Kiosks

Offer Great Investment Return

Because of an increase in sales, a freestanding touchscreen Digital kiosk display will provide a quick return on your investment. With these kiosks having a great impact on your sales revenue, you can easily pay for your addition in no time, signifying remaining benefits regarding the cost will be funneled into the coffers of your business.

Keeps Customer Privacy and Security

For any modern customer out there, privacy and security are of utmost importance. Freestanding digital kiosks can make your customers feel more comfortable while making a purchase. That is because they don’t need to involve others in the transaction.

Freestanding Digital Kiosks


The content shown in the display has undergone error correction and is standardized so that there won’t be any kind of error that can happen during a casual talk. It also reduces errors by making the user input details through kiosk screens. Kiosk screens are self-service interfaces of quality and durability.

Cos Of Freestanding Digital Kiosk

Lack of Human Interaction

If you are growing your business to include freestanding kiosks for automating your processes, keep in mind that it will severely reduce the human interaction offered by your company.

Maybe your customers want a personal approach. They feel more comfortable dealing with a human rather than a kiosk display. Around 85% of consumers expect more interactions from brands.

If this human element is what you are losing from your business, it could prevent your customers from returning to your brand. Instead, they would prefer going to your competitors for much-needed face-to-face assistance.

Freestanding Digital Kiosks

Lack of Understanding

Well, the most obvious disadvantage of a freestanding digital kiosk is if a customer is unable to understand how to use the kiosk. The benefit of you not having an assistant to deal with customers will be for nothing as they need to keep the customer from giving a negative review.

Customer Frustration

No doubt, customer frustration is one of the primary disadvantages you will come across. Not everyone is comfortable with using this kind of technology. Millennials are an age group that seems quite capable of using a freestanding kiosk; however, not all of your customers may be able to use the kiosk.

Freestanding Digital Kiosks

Layoff Criticism

A freestanding digital kiosk, in a perfect scenario, would give a boost to earnings, and the gain would be recirculated via the resources of the company, including its employees. Employee displacement should not be regarded as a disadvantage if that is one of your goals.

Adapting to cutting-edge freestanding kiosk technology to do what it does best while freeing up your staff to do what humans do best i.e. optimize resources rather than putting them at risk.

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Windows, Android, and Linux all can serve as capable kiosk operating systems, but each has its benefits and drawbacks — and each requires a serious commitment to deploy and support.
The purpose of digital kiosks is to allow a customer to interact with a company, product, brand, or service, via automated means, without requiring additional personnel, like customer service agents.