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What are the famous google killed projects?

What are the famous google killed projects? - Table of contents:

Google’s certain software, technology, product at a certain time is completely the best in the market, the most powerful, the easiest to use, leaving competitors far behind, or even no competitors.

Then Google gave up while doing it, ignoring how the user pleaded and supported.

Since you like the head of a tiger and the tail of the snake, and don’t spend your energy on maintenance, why don’t you lose your appetite at the beginning?

And in personal impressions, those google killed projects, in fact, even if they are willing to pay to continue to use:

Google Notebook

Once the king of web cutting applications.

Select a paragraph, right-click “Copy to Google notebook“, you can use Google’s proud search, classification, sharing in the Google Notebook.

Suddenly it says shut down.

As a heavy Google Notebook user, I had to flee to Evernote after Google Notebook was killed.

As a result, Google Keep was created before the corpse of Google Notebook was cold.

It’s hard not to say, “What the FK did you do? Why don’t you just renew Google Notebook, or stay up until you transfer the data to Google Keep?

google killed projects

Google Reader

RSS reading efficiency and technology dominate the world. Nowadays, RSS readers need time to load RSS articles after logging in, while Google Reader is the only one that loads articles on the server, what you see after logging in is the latest.

The super search function of Google Reader is that the current paid version of Feedly cannot reach it, and even has the same function as SNS in the later stage.

You can share articles with friends who also use Google Reader. Your likes and comments will appear in the timeline of your friends, which is very similar to the homepage of Zhihu today.

Once upon a time, I had to open the Google Reader and scan for updates every day. share to Buzz and discuss with friends. Later, Buzz was turned off and Google Reader was revamped so that you could only share to G+. And then Google Reader was also shut down.

A Bolt from the blue, there is really a feeling of breaking up + being betrayed.

The closure of Google reader directly destroyed my trust in the reliability and persistence of Google Cloud services.

google killed projects


Picasa‘s desktop version has been killed, and some of technologies, such as face recognition were gotten to the Google Photo app, and the web sharing library was replaced by Google photo.

Picasa‘s desktop application used to be one of the easiest to use, fastest, and most complete photo retouching management programs.

Picasa was the first to support face recognition, filters, categorizing photos by color, adding watermarks, batch thumbnails, embedding and managing geolocation information, making photo collections, printing albums, Win/Mac universal, and sharing databases.

But Picasa has lost most of its users due to the perennial failure to update the Raw support library…

google killed projects

Other google killed projects

  • Chrome OS
  • Dart
  • Google Answers
  • Google Base
  • Google Blog Search
  • Google Buzz
  • Google Code
  • Google Code Search
  • Google Desktop
  • Google Dictionary
  • Google Glass
  • Google Groups
  • Google Health
  • Orkut
  • Google iGoogle
  • Google Jaiku
  • Google Knol
  • Google Labs
  • Google Latitude
  • Google Lively
  • Google Nexus Q
  • Google Pack
  • Google Secure Access
  • Google Talk
  • Google TV
  • Google Voice
  • Google Wave
  • Google Web
  • ccelerator
  • 谷歌中国
  • 谷歌拼音输入法
  • 谷歌时惠
  • 谷歌热榜
  • 谷歌生活
  • 谷歌问答
  • 谷歌音乐
google killed projects

Of course, if you insist on regarding Google products as necessities in your work and life, the following are some experiences:

  1. First of all, Google’s projects are easy to be isolated (not only in China, but also in other emerging developing countries, many of which are related to network hegemony), so if you need to share them with your family, friends, consider it carefully.
  2. Secondly, you must think of a good way out when you use it, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  3. Never believe in Google’s trendy App. If the third party has a substitute, do not prefer Google.
  4. Remember not to use Google’s SNS, Buzz, Wave. The finished G+ is a lesson.
google killed projects

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