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New Guidance: A Floor-standing advertising horizontal kiosk

In the touch world is driven by Apple products, everyone is getting used to the convenience of touch and enjoys the joy of using hands and eyes together. The touch floor-standing advertising horizontal kiosk is also the promotion of LCD advertising displays.

Nowadays, in the application of LCD advertising displays, LCD advertising displays can often be seen in public areas such as shopping malls, cinemas, airports, restaurants, etc. What is not enough is that they are all reflexively published by humans, but they cannot provide customers with an interactive communication experience. Happy, satisfying, and humanized newsletters are a must.

Horizontal kiosk

The emergence of news and information has entered into the immersive experience of touching and interactive communication, making the floor-standing advertising horizontal kiosk quickly become a medium and large iPhone suitable for consumers. It also provides customers with convenient and interactive touching visual effects and enhances the attention of the device. It is a technology communication and application product that makes stores more attractive to customers.

Floor-standing advertising horizontal kiosk

The floor-standing advertising horizontal kiosk is a new type of intelligent information content industrial equipment. The terminal software, Internet information transportation, and central control system data terminal touch screen operation steps trigger the detailed advertising language playback video control system, which can be used according to photos, texts, Short videos, tool software (temperature, etc.) and other central control system materials used in advertising. Its performance is as follows:

  • Ultra-thin and ultra-light design, easy to use and beautiful.
  • High resolution, high contrast, and high brightness, greatly improve the layering of the picture, and can better express the details.
  • It has the function of automatically eliminating afterimages to protect the long-term use of the LCD screen.
Horizontal kiosk
  • It has the function of black-level extension and self-adaptation, which can enhance the sense of image depth and layering.
  • Adopting professional-grade LCD screen, the video image is brighter and the three-dimensional effect is stronger.
  • 16.7M colors, the picture is more natural, and the delicate picture is truly free of tailing.
  • With intelligent temperature control, environmental protection and mute, high reliability, and good stability, especially suitable for working in harsh environments.
  • Extremely long life, 7*24 hours of uninterrupted work, up to 60,000 hours or more.

Operating version

Floor-standing advertising horizontal kiosk has two operating versions, a stand-alone version, and a network version:

Stand-alone version features:

  • Super decoding supports MPG, MPG-1/4, AVI, MP4, TS, MKV, RMVB, MP3, WMA, jpeg, bmp and most other video formats.
  • Rich interface: support CF card, USB2.0 hard disk, U disk.
  • Powerful digital audio power amplifier, high-fidelity audio decoding, powerful 2x 5W high-fidelity speakers, perfectly restore multimedia sound.
Horizontal kiosk

Network version features:

  • Perfectly supports 1920x1080P high-definition video files, and supports multiple split-screen playback, WORD, EXCEL, PDF, slide files, and scrolling subtitles at the same time, perfectly showing the charm of multimedia digital signage for you.
  • Low-cost operation and maintenance and high-efficiency program release and update: This product supports LAN, WIFI, and 3G for flexible network operation, and can control every digital signage in the network anytime and anywhere in any place with Internet in the world.
  • Support large-capacity SATA hard disk, SD card storage medium, and USB2.0 interface, so that your machine can update programs efficiently through U disk even when there is no networking.


1. Transport industry

With the floor-standing advertising horizontal kiosk, users can get real-time updates and publish the latest timetable and other road condition information, creating additional display functions, such as scrolling and playing entertainment video clips, to relieve boredom waiting for tourists and to break the waiting time. Various brand advertisements can also be broadcast to bring economic benefits.

2. Hospitality Digital Signage

The Internet floor-standing advertising horizontal kiosk can also display information in public areas such as hotels and shopping malls, bringing comprehensive service information to customers, and can also develop relevant intelligent operation and maintenance based on the original system.

Horizontal kiosk

3. Digital Display For Retail

The online version of the floor-standing advertising horizontal kiosk can promptly announce new articles such as shopping guides, equipment, and marketing, and improve customers’ shopping experience.

4. Digital Signage Solutions For Healthcare

Relying on the floor-standing advertising horizontal kiosk, the hospital can broadcast relevant information such as pharmacy, appointment registration, hospitalization, etc., allowing interactive communication between doctors and patients, giving topographical map orientation, entertainment variety shows, and other article services. Simplifying the guidelines for medical treatment also helps to reduce the anxiety of patients.

Horizontal kiosk

5. Financial enterprises

Compared with traditional equipment, the self-service terminal has a stylish appearance, and when used in financial institutions, it can promote corporate image and business more quickly.

More system functions can be achieved through resource integration, such as queuing and calling machines, multimedia system terminal equipment, etc., no matter how far apart the organization is, it can be remotely controlled and managed.

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