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How digital bar shelf display make richless in-store experiences?

How digital bar shelf display make richless in-store experiences? - Table of contents:

Changes in consumer behavior and technology are influencing brands to reinvent retail spaces. In both retail and grocery stores, new technologies such as POS systems, digital bar shelf display, and virtual reality are becoming more prevalent.

Retailers today are increasingly utilizing digital shelf bar display – the most dynamic way of displaying product information at the point of sale – to capture attention and give them a new edge over their competition.

Digital shelf bar display serve many purposes, such as featuring pricing, information, video ads, coupons, branding and promotions for various product lines.

With an ultra-slim bezel and the ability to display dynamic video content, this technology can be synced with in-store digital signage and helps to enhance the customer experience, increase efficiency, streamline operations and drive sales.

And here are the key benefits of shelf edge digital displays and outline the main reasons why retailers and grocers should consider this digital transition.

Bar shelf display

Benefits of digital shelf bar display

Did you know that 76% of purchase decisions are impulsively made at the shelf edge? digital shelf edge displays can act as a store’s silent salesperson and boost sales conversions.

● Display product reviews

About 88% of online buyers read at least three reviews before buying a product. Product reviews are a great way to win consumers’ trust.

Digital shelf bar display can be used to display customers’ product reviews and deliver an omnichannel in-aisle experience.

● Product Recommendations

Retailers and grocers can use animated content to recommend complementary products. You can even show helpful tips and hints for the chosen products. It helps create a truly valuable and engaging customer experience.

Bar shelf display

● Dynamic Pricing and Real-time Announcements

By using a central control system, retailers can easily adjust pricing without spending a lot of time and resources changing paper labels weekly.

Digital bar shelf display technology enables retailers to promptly announce special promotions, implement pricing updates across multiple stores, deliver offers at the shelf and send messages to shoppers right at the point of purchase.

● Remotely Triggered

Personalized content or contextual information can be triggered as a customer approaches or interacts with a product. These triggers may be through additional hardware or proximity sensors. Customers can receive further details as they pick up or scan a product.

● Prevent Waste of Perishable Goods

The flexibility that electronic ticketing can provide allows retailers to make unlimited price changes in real-time throughout the day. Perishable items close to their use-by date can be put on offer quickly to encourage customers to buy the goods and minimize waste.

Digital bar shelf display could help to reduce this by speeding up the laborious process of manually updating prices.

Bar shelf display

Other Ways in which Digital bar shelf display Technology Can Transform Businesses

Reduce inaccuracies:

Frequent price changes that are not updated promptly? Fret not! Digital bar shelf display technology allows retailers to quickly amend prices across multiple stores instantly.

Future-proof your store:

Shelf edge display are greener and more eco-friendly than printed paper labels, great technology to reduce the carbon footprint of your store.

Drive sales:

Now more than ever many customers make purchase decisions based on online reviews. bar shelf display that integrate with in-store digital signage help close the gap between online and in-store shopping.

Bar shelf display

Applications in a Smart Retail Store

Digital bar shelf display come in multiple configurations, sizes, and functionality to suit various applications.

End Cap Display

Best for high-traffic retails, grocery and convenience stores, digital bar shelf display protect your investment with electro-galvanized commercial-grade cold-rolled steel. It helps prevent vandalism and tampering.

Pickup Locker

Integrate smart bar shelf display into pickup fixtures to deliver a frictionless customer experience. Display customers’ order names, numbers, and wait time while displaying relevant promotions during dwell time.

Smart Shelf Pickup

Shelf edge displays can be equipped with a camera, barcode scanner, or mobile sensor to offer a personalized shopping experience.

Assisted Selling Kiosk (ASK)

Digital bar shelf display can act as a salesperson by providing comprehensive product comparisons that help influence purchase decisions.

Bar shelf display

It is easy to see why Digital bar shelf display has been rising in popularity, giving retailers increased flexibility and exciting new promotional opportunities while also providing environmental advantages.

These benefits aren’t limited to Digital shelf bar display either; various screens at the shelf can perform similar functions.

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To simply put it, shelf edge displays are digital wireless display systems that retail stores use to show product prices, video & information.