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    How to Choose LCD Advertising Display

    As LCD Advertising Display is gradually known by people, it has become an essential media advertising ​equipment for advertising, because in today’s market, whose advertising is the best, the brand is naturally well-known. For example, commercial office buildings, subways, exhibition sites, entertainment and leisure places are the most typical applications, and even retail stores and taxis are becoming more and more popular.

    We all know that LCD Advertising Display use LCD screen to play video advertisements, so how to use LCD Ad Display? What should we pay attention to it?

    There are many systems of LCD Advertising Display, which are: stand-alone version, online version, Android version and X86, Windows or above. Let’s introduce the differences between these systems.

    1. Stand-alone version: it is a relatively simple display, directly insert the USB flash disk with video; The video of our USB flash disk can be automatically recognized and played in a loop automatically; (principle: every LCD Advertising Display comes with information release software when it leaves the factory, so it can realize the loop and automatic playback of our video.)

    2. Online version: the online version is directly connect to an external network to control playback, and it can also achieve automatic loop playback.

    3. Android version aLCD Advertising Display: just like our Android cell phone, it can download APP which can be compatible with Android system, and the playing principle is also processed by information release system to realize cyclic automatic playing;

    4. X86 and Windows or above systems, similar to a touch commercial display computer, can also download all windows compatible software, the video played can be the video saved on the device or downloaded on the computer by ourselves, and can be directly connected to the network to play the video on the network. The LCD advertising machine for X86 and Windows and above Systems is a relatively intelligent advertising mode, and the price will be little higher.

    According to the needs of users in different occasions, they can choose LCD Ad Display with those four subdivision systems.

    LCD Advertising Display uses LCD display to play video advertisements, which is especially suitable for the comprehensive multimedia technology of high-end brands and delivers all-round product information and promotion information to consumers. Improve the display rate and display effect of products at the sales terminal to stimulate impulsive purchase. It is placed next to the products in the store and can be automatically opened for publicity. Compared with other traditional media and promotion methods, the investment is extremely low and the cost performance is extremely high.

    How to Choose LCD Advertising Display

    Advantages of advertising promotion:

    1. Accurate audience goals: targeted at the audience who are about to purchase.
    2. Strong anti-interference: when consumers enter the supermarket to buy goods, they all pay attention to the shelves. There is only one form of advertisement, which is advertised in the form of multimedia beside the goods.
    3. Shape New Glume: it is the most fashionable and novel form of advertising in shopping malls.
    4. No modification fee: there is a fee for any previous advertising form, including printed matter.
    5. Effectively cooperate with TV advertisement: 1% of TV advertisement cost and 100% of deepening TV advertisement effect. It can be consistent with the content of TV advertisements, and continue to guide consumers to buy in the important link of sales terminal.
    6. Long advertising period: it can be carried out continuously for a long time and advertised beside the product 365 days a year without manual maintenance; The cost is extremely low, the audience is extremely wide, and the cost performance is extremely high.
    How to Choose LCD Advertising Display


    Hotels, commercial office buildings, elevator entrances, elevator rooms, exhibition sites, entertainment and leisure places. Subway station, railway station, airport. In taxis, buses, tourist buses, trains, subways, planes. Shopping malls, supermarkets, chain stores, specialty stores, convenience stores, promotion counters and other occasions.

    LCD Advertising Display has become an essential advertising product for merchants! Nowadays, advertising has entered a new era of digital, audio and video, and the momentum of this whirlwind of advertising is unstoppable. We all know that good advertising can bring you a step closer to success. Facing such fierce market competition, there is no doubt that advertising is a shortcut to your success. Then how to do a good job in this advertisement has become one of the issues that all kinds of enterprises pay much attention.

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